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  1. Climate change
    The climate change theme work focuses on climate change and the issue of
    urban vulnerability and low carbon growth, in particular around the role urban
    areas ...

  2. Reducing poor southern African urban dwellers vulnerability to ...
    This concept paper summarises some of the current issues, concerns and
    debates surrounding urban vulnerability and climate change, and the ability of
    certain ...

  3. Reducing poor southern African urban dwellers vulnerability to ...
    to the Impact of Climate Change and Disasters. Concept Paper. Reducing the
    Vulnerability of Urban Slum Dwellers in the Southern African Region to the
    Impact ...

  4. Expert Round Table: Climate Change and Urban Issues
    Expert Round Table: Climate Change and Urban Issues. Since our establishment
    in 2006, Urban LandMark has focussed on making urban land markets, and ...

  5. Climate Change: an Urban Perspective
    Further marginalisation and increased vulnerability of poorer and marginalised
    households. Climate. Change. High levels of migration. & natural growth.

  6. Africa's housing ministers seek integration of climate change issues ...
    Africa's housing ministers seek integration of climate change issues in planning.
    3 April 2012. By Jude Njoku. Vanguardngr.com. Africa's Housing and Urban ...

  7. Climate change: an urban perspective - Margot Rubin, independent ...
    The climate change-urban nexus: an introduction. Margot Rubin, who completed
    a position paper for Urban LandMark in 2011 on the vulnerability to climate ...

  8. Climate Change and Land Policies
    New publication from Lincoln Institute of Land Policy: Climate Change and Land
    Policies. The 2010 annual Land Policy Conference provided a forum for ...

  9. Cities on the frontline for climate action
    May 31, 2011 ... Cities on the Front Line for Climate Action. A billion people living in slums at
    greater risk from climate change, says new World Bank report.

  10. Has Mexico's climate aid really slowed carbon emissions?
    May 4, 2011 ... Amidst the creation of a new 'Green Climate Fund' for developing ... Mexico is
    highly vulnerable to manifestations of climate change such as ...



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