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  1. Cancer Screening — United States, 2010
    Jan 27, 2012 ... Overall, the breast cancer screening rate was 72.4% (below the Healthy People
    2020 target of 81.1%), cervical cancer screening was 83.0% ...

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  2. Vital Signs: Breast Cancer Screening Among Women Aged 50--74 ...
    Jul 9, 2010 ... Background: Breast cancer remains the second leading cause of cancer deaths
    for women in the United States. Screening with treatment has ...

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  3. Breast Cancer Screening Among Adult Women — Behavioral Risk ...
    Jun 15, 2012 ... In November 2009, USPSTF changed its breast cancer screening
    recommendations to biennial mammography for women aged 50–74 years ...

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  4. Breast Cancer Screening and Socioeconomic Status --- 35 ...
    Oct 7, 2005 ... Studies have suggested that women with low incomes residing in metropolitan
    areas might be less likely to be screened for breast cancer than ...

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  5. Surveillance of Screening-Detected Cancers (Colon and Rectum ...
    Nov 26, 2010 ... The lowest prevalence of recommended breast cancer screening is among
    women who lack health insurance, Asian/Pacific Islander (API) and ...

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  6. Effectiveness in Prevention Increasing Breast Cancer Screening ...
    Effectiveness in Prevention Increasing Breast Cancer Screening Among the
    Medically Underserved -- Dade County, Florida, September 1987-March 1991.

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  7. Progress in Chronic Disease Prevention Screening for Cervical and ...
    Interviews that included questions on the respondents' medical history, specific
    risk factors, and use of screening for cervical and breast cancer were conducted ...

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  8. Vital Signs: Racial Disparities in Breast Cancer Severity — United ...
    Nov 16, 2012 ... However, black women experience inequities in breast cancer screening, follow-
    up, and treatment after diagnosis, leading to greater mortality.

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  9. Rationale and Evidence
    recommendations about cervical, breast, and testicular cancer screening and
    scoliosis screening. These recommendations do not preclude or preempt actions
    a ...

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  10. Trends in Breast Cancer Screening -- Rhode Island, 1987-1989
    In November 1987, the Rhode Island Department of Health initiated the Breast
    Cancer Screening Program in an effort to reduce breast cancer mortality by ...

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