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  1. Paintball Injuries in Children: More Than Meets the Eye - Pediatrics
    Jan 1, 2004 ... Glaucoma, 12, 8.1. Corneal abrasion/laceration/edema, 26, 17.4. Choroidal
    rupture, 16, 10.7. Ruptured globe, 7, 4.7. Vitreous hemorrhage, 50 ...

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  2. Evaluation of ptosis Diagnostic Tests - Epocrates Online
    B-scan ultrasound: vitreous hemorrhage, retinal detachment, globe rupture more.
    <p>Performed ... Hertel exophthalmometry: asymmetry in globe position more.

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  3. Eye trauma Diagnostic Approach - Epocrates Online
    As soon as the diagnosis of ruptured globe is made, the examination should be
    .... The most common areas of rupture are the cornea, limbus (margin of the ...

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  4. Pediatrics -- Listman 113 (1): e15 Table 2
    Corneal abrasion/laceration/edema, 26, 17.4. Choroidal rupture, 16, 10.7.
    Ruptured globe, 7, 4.7. Vitreous hemorrhage, 50, 33.6. Commotio retinae, 25,

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  5. Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: Connective Tissue Disorders in Children ...
    ... may be fragile, leading to perforation of the globe in the kyphoscoliosis type. ...
    Potentially lethal complications occur in certain types (eg, arterial rupture in the ...

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  6. Eye trauma Etiology - Epocrates Online
    This can range from a simple "black eye" to severe intraocular disruption,
    including rupture of the globe. [7] The eye injury depends on the size, hardness,
    and ...

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  7. Evaluation of vision loss Potential Etiologies - Epocrates Online
    Globe injury may lead to vision loss from frank globe rupture or penetration by
    foreign ... Closed globe trauma may cause hyphema, lens dislocation, vitreous ...

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  8. Eye trauma Citations - Epocrates Online
    Globe rupture following penetrating keratoplasty: How often, why, and what can
    ... Value of ocular hypotony as a predictor of open globe injury in patients with ...

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  9. Evaluation of red eye Potential Etiologies - Epocrates Online
    Those that can lead to globe rupture or perforation include: Image 18 image.
    Scleritis Image 10 image. Physical trauma. Corneal ulceration. High-velocity
    foreign ...

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  10. Ophthalmology
    Slowly enlarges; may internally rupture and produce ..... Ruptures and
    lacerations (open globe) ... Initial treatment of an open globe injury: in a casualty

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