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  1. Acute cervical spine trauma Definition - Epocrates Online
    Traumatic spondylolisthesis of the axis is known as the hangman fracture. ... Type
    I: fracture without an angular deviation and translational deviation of <3.5 mm, ...

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  2. Thoracolumbar spine trauma Differential Diagnosis - Epocrates Online
    ... known even in relatively lower-energy events, including hangman fracture of
    the axis; in more severe injury mechanisms (particularly with airbag deployment),

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  3. Child abuse Diagnostic Approach - Epocrates Online
    The range of injuries caused by physical abuse include bruising, fractures, oral
    injuries, .... Unstable spinal fractures such as hangman's fracture may occur as a

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  4. Acute cervical spine trauma Etiology - Epocrates Online
    Common fracture patterns in the upper cervical spine are: ... Fractures of C2:
    hangman fractures (spondylolisthesis of C2), odontoid fractures, Image 3 image

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  5. Cervical Spine Injury Patterns in Children
    May 1, 2014 ... Injuries to these children included C1–2 subluxation (3), hangman's fracture (1),
    os odontoideum (1), and single-level subaxial subluxation ...

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  6. Cervical Spine Injury Patterns in Children abstract
    (3), hangman's fracture (1), os odon- toideum (1), and single-level subaxial
    subluxation without fracture (1). Four had persistent deficits after injury, but none
    died ...

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  7. Strangulation in Childhood: Epidemiology and Clinical Course
    Jun 6, 1980 ...hangman's ... fracture nor of cervical spine fracture or dis- location. Cerebral ...
    Fracture airway. 0. Fracture/dislocation neck. 0. Temperature.

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