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  1. Petition to Suspend Vaccines with Thimerosal
    Many have been found to be not generally recognized as safe and effective. [4]
    For many years Thimerosal was used in latex paint to prevent mold from growing

  2. Hepatitis A Vaccine Mandate - National Vaccine Information Center
    The tip cap and the plunger on the syringe have latex in them. Twinrix is a
    combination vaccine that is intended to protect against both hepatitis A and
    hepatitis ...

  3. HIB Vaccine - National Vaccine Information Center
    It does not contain preservatives or latex. PedvaxHIB, is a conjugate vaccine
    manufactured by Merck & Co. that is indicated for vaccination against
    Haemophilus ...

  4. Rotavirus - Diseases and Vaccines
    Infants with a severe allergy to latex should NOT get Rotarix, which has latex
    rubber in its oral applicator. Also, according to the CDC, some babies should
    NOT ...

  5. Vaccine Quick View: Seasonal/H1N1 Flu
    Vaccine packaging. Latex. Growth medium components. Calcium Chloride.
    Alpha Tocopheryl Hydrogen Succinate (vitamin E). Arginine. Hydrocortisone.



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