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  1. How to add a Tumblr feed in a blog | Netty Gritty
    Aug 27, 2010 ... Put Tumblr RSS in an RSS widget. You can import your latest Tumblr posts using
    an RSS widget in your blog. Please read how ... blog/
  2. How to use Addtoany to easily offer readers social bookmarking and ...
    Nov 1, 2007 ... DOES a single service designated to handle both social bookmarking and RSS
    subscription options sound useful? Addtoany is an easy way to ... social-bookmarking-and-rss-subscriotion-options-for-your-wordpre...
  3. How to protect your blog/site, RSS feed and digital content with a ...
    Nov 2, 2007 ... Type of contents you can get copyrighted by Myfreecopyright Files (Images,
    photos, poetry, music, lyrics, ebooks etc.) Blogs/podcasts (Any RSS ... -content-with-a-digital-fingerprint-from-myfreecopyright/
  4. How to have featured tags along with an icon and tag rss options in ...
    Jun 17, 2010 ... Lookie! My new featured tags in the sidebar! :D I've been meaning to do this for a
    long time because navigation in this blog is really difficult ... and-tag-rss-options-in-a-wordpress-sidebar/
  5. How to enable your readers to collect a single blog post in their RSS ...
    Oct 8, 2010 ... This post will show you how you can easily add a “Collect this post in your RSS
    reader” link that you can put under each blog post. blog-post-in-their-rss-reader/
  6. How to blend multiple feeds and create a single feed online | Netty ...
    Oct 24, 2010 ... ChimpFeedr RSS Feed Aggregator - Feed the Chimp I love this Chimp! This
    chimp likes to eat multiple blog feeds and create a single new feed ... feed-online/
  7. August | 2010 | Netty Gritty
    Aug 27, 2010 ... You can import your latest Tumblr posts using an RSS widget in your wordpress.
    com blog. Please read how to use the RSS Widget first.
  8. How to add an Etsy widget in a blog | Netty Gritty
    Nov 14, 2010 ... Just add /rss to the Etsy url (without any space). Let's see an example….
    Davidjacobsonglass creates wonderful glass art and this is the url of ... blog/
  9. 05 | September | 2010 | Netty Gritty
    Sep 5, 2010 ... I used the RSS feed url of Twitpic Public Timeline for the examples in this post.
    You can find the RSS feed url of your Twitpic page at the bottom ...
  10. 23 | August | 2010 | Netty Gritty
    Aug 23, 2010 ... ... to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 160 other
    followers. RSS Feed RSS - Posts · RSS Feed RSS - Comments ...


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