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  1. Picking up J-Girls in Japan
    A little game goes a long way in Japan. Use anti-game here or you risk causing
    offense and loss of face. Completely different culture on all ...

  2. Picking up J-Girls in Japan
    My Peruvian homie tells me he got some family over in Japan and that there's a
    big Peervuian community in Tokyo. My Persian homie his pops ...

  3. Picking up J-Girls in Japan
    Im curious how VP responds to these questions, as he is one of the Japan
    experts in this forum. Ive always loved the Japanese girl look, but ...

  4. Picking up J-Girls in Japan
    Yes Ali, there is no doubt that Japan is a must for the international player. Too
    many members,with good reputations, have vouched for it.

  5. Bang Japan: Game in The Great Nippon Empire
    I've received several requests for new threads on game in Japan. My other thread
    was pretty good, but it languished in the Newbie Section.

  6. Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, China or Japan?
    Part of me wants to remain in Japan to get more acquainted with the culture and
    language, while the other part of me would like to check out ...

  7. Tokyo Datasheet and a Basic Guide to Japanese Girls
    A little about me: In my 30s and from the US. Moved to Japan a few years ago.
    Didn't speak any Japanese at that time. Only knew a Japanese ...

  8. Black culture in Japan
    LOL, guys this is a VERY VERY small subculture in Japan. And if you notice,
    hardly any of these girls speak English. If you don't speak at least ...

  9. Some questions about Japanese women in Japan
    東北大: Tohoku University in Sendai, northern Japan. It was the oldest school in
    Japan to accept foreigners, and has 1,400 international ...

  10. Bang Japan: Game in The Great Nippon Empire
    I have about 2 months left in Japan so I'm wrapping up here. This country has
    been great and I intend to visit the place regularly even after I ...



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