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  1. The United States of America vs The Alpha Male
    The year is 2013 and in American Society the Alpha male is an endangered
    species. This does not surprise me, in a culture that coddles the ...

  2. You Can't Get Laid In The United States - response
    What would your response be if a chick said that to you? I dont live in the US but
    my response would be to casually reply that I am not interested ...

  3. The United States of Amerida - Roosh V Forum
    What do the Americans and Canadians on the board think about the ... to
    calculate the value of a unification between the United States and ...

  4. Governments warning their citizens about traveling in the United ...
    Most of us in the United States know that it is a dangerous place. More than some
    third world countries in the world in the inner cities.

  5. You Can't Get Laid In The United States - response - Printable Version
    RE: You Can't Get Laid In The United States - response - Vicious - 09-27-2011 05
    :30 AM If I was American my reply would be "Why would I ...

  6. 10 Countries That Love (and Hate) America the Most
    If you're the United States of America, the answer is fewer and fewer ... That trend
    has been apparent since the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq, ...

  7. The United States of Amerida
    The culture and political systems are just too different between us. ... America is
    like 50 independent states, each state has it's own laws and ...

  8. Buying girls drinks: America vs Eastern Europe
    In America, girls don't really want a good man. ..... It is the closest thing to the
    United States that you can get, both figuratively and literally.

  9. What foreigners have to do to get an American visa
    Dates of your last five visits or trips to the United States, if you have ... What can
    an American do to assist a foreigner in attaining a visa (legally ...

  10. 3 Reasons Why America Can't Afford Obesity
    The topic of obesity is a familiar one in the United States. The condition has
    become so closely associated with American life that some even ...



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