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  1. Buying girls drinks: America vs Eastern Europe
    In America, girls don't really want a good man. ..... It is the closest thing to the
    United States that you can get, both figuratively and literally.

  2. Visa issues for Colombians visiting USA
    Every other family member of hers has been successful in obtaining a tourist visa
    to the USA, but she keeps getting rejected for no clear reason.

  3. America: The Easiest Place To Swoop Girls
    The inebriation level in America is so much higher than other .... It really depends
    "where" in the USA and the type of angle of your approach.

  4. Difference between American women and Western European women
    American women complain a lot about how "dumb" and "douchey" guys are. .....
    They come from US-bashing, egalitarian societies where every ...

  5. Insights on the differences between American women and Brazilian ...
    I'm very interested to live in the United States in some point at my life , both ... I am
    American and I always viewed us as a largely middle class ...

  6. The United States of America vs The Alpha Male
    The year is 2013 and in American Society the Alpha male is an endangered
    species. This does not surprise me, in a culture that coddles the ...

  7. Colombian girls in America Terrified About Getting Fat
    We start talking about the differences between shopping for food in Colombian
    supermarkets versus the United States. I make sure to drop that ...

  8. In Defense Of American Women
    girls-american-flag-b-500-6-e1339607845177. There are few absolute truths ....
    The United States is a land of extremes. There are many obese ...

  9. Central America's Best
    Central America consists of the seven states of Belize, Costa Rica, .... between
    the Puerto Ricans that live in the Continental United States, and ...

  10. USA vs Europe Pros/Cons
    Hey guys i have seen that a lot of you have traveled to europe and USA. From
    your experiences, could you tell what pros/cons both places ...



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