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  1. The United States of America vs The Alpha Male
    The year is 2013 and in American Society the Alpha male is an endangered
    species. This does not surprise me, in a culture that coddles the ...

  2. Buying girls drinks: America vs Eastern Europe
    In America, girls don't really want a good man. ..... When Helga moves to the U.S.,
    get ruined, then tells all her friends back in Russia how nice it ...

  3. Argentinian President Says US Government Could Kill Her
    Quote: Argentina's President Cristina Kirchner charged in an emotional address
    that domestic and US interests were pushing to topple her ...

  4. America: The Easiest Place To Swoop Girls
    And 10-15 girls in a night in any country in South America? .... I definitely think
    there is a huge alpha/beta divide in the U.S., what they old ...

  5. U.S. City with most friendly women ?
    I am thinking the midwest or the south but cannot decide. What are the best cities
    in the U.S. for meeting friendly , sexy women ? Thanks ...

  6. Costa Rica remains most popular Latin American study abroad ...
    For the second year in a row, Costa Rica is the most popular destination for U.S.
    study abroad students in Latin America, according to the latest ...

  7. Insights on the differences between American women and Brazilian ...
    I am American and I always viewed us as a largely middle class culture, where
    the average person here lives better than elsewhere.

  8. Best Us Cities for Black Men to Date Interracially?
    What are the best Cities/Countries for Black American Guys to find wives? ...
    There are so many places in the US where a brother can do well ...

  9. Colombian girls in America Terrified About Getting Fat
    We start talking about the differences between shopping for food in Colombian
    supermarkets versus the United States. I make sure to drop that ...

  10. Roosh V Forum - You Can't Get Laid In The United States - response
    What would your response be if a chick said that to you? I dont live in the US but
    my response would be to casually reply that I am not interested ...



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