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  1. CRT Paddle Wheel
    CRT Paddle Wheel. close this window to Quantum Physics and Relativity · to
    Demonstrations Index · home.

    www.fas.harvard.edu/.../CRTPaddleWheel/CRTPaddleWheel.html - Cached
  2. PIRA Bibliography - - Physics Learning Laboratories
    Code, Demo Name, Description, Reference, Source. 7B35.10 ...
    physicslearning.colorado.edu/Bib/PiraSubTOC.asp?STopic=7B35 - Cached
  3. 7B35.50 - Demonstrations
    Paddle Wheel Tube ... Changing the direction of the current in the induction coil
    will change the direction that the paddle will move. The older of the two tubes ...

    faraday.physics.uiowa.edu/modern/7B35.50.htm - Cached
  4. Electron Properties 7B35.50
    Paddle Wheel. Click above to see movie. PIRA Classification: 7B35.50.
    Description: An electron beam pushes a paddle wheel along the discharge tube.
    Special ...

    groups.physics.umn.edu/demo/modern/7B3550.html - Cached
  5. RE: Mechanical Equivalence of Heat - Joule's method
    some paddle on a pulley system. You could glue fins on the ... >I am looking
    around for a possible paddle wheel but much smaller than what I >thought I
    needed ...

    demoroom.physics.ncsu.edu/tapl/archive/200002/13.html - Cached
  6. Re: radiometer
    Oct 28, 2005 ... >>In the "momentum of electron paddle wheel" demo I used a 10 KV power >>
    supply to "arc" into the wheel to get it rolling. Even at that

    demoroom.physics.ncsu.edu/tapl/archive/200510/322.html - Cached
  7. 7b35.xx - electron properties
    Electron Properties. 7B35.40. Maltese Cross. 7B35.50. Paddle Wheel. 7B35.75.
    Plasma Globe. Demo Request Form Home.

    groups.physics.umn.edu/demo/electronframe.html - Cached
  8. Re: quick survey
    each end and a little paddle wheel runs back and forth on glass rails > when
    polarity of ... This tube contains a light glass wheel with mica vanes mounted to

    demoroom.physics.ncsu.edu/tapl/archive/200001/190.html - Cached
  9. RE: Mechanical Equivalence of Heat - Joule's method
    Jan 31, 2000 ... >the paddle wheel against water. ... >Jim Krider The energy transfer rate is in
    your control. Make it slower by having greater line movement with ...

    demoroom.physics.ncsu.edu/tapl/archive/200001/384.html - Cached
  10. 5K40.90 - Demonstrations
    Joseph H. Adams, "Power from Water-Wheels", Harper's Electricity Book For
    Boys", p. ... David Kutliroff, "Turn a Paddle Wheel with a Waterfall", 101
    Classroom ...

    faraday.physics.uiowa.edu/em/5K40.90.htm - Cached


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