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  1. CRT Paddle Wheel
    CRT Paddle Wheel. close this window to Quantum Physics and Relativity · to
    Demonstrations Index · home.

    www.fas.harvard.edu/.../CRTPaddleWheel/CRTPaddleWheel.html - Cached
  2. 7B35.00 - Electron Properties - PIRA Bibliography -
    Code, Demo Name, Description, Reference, Source. 7B35.10 ...
    physicslearning.colorado.edu/bib/PiraSubTOC.asp?STopic=7B35 - Cached
  3. 7B35.50 - Demonstrations
    Equipment : Induction Coil, Paddle Wheel Tube. Procedure : Hook the induction
    coil to the electrodes of the tube, turn on and adjust the power and the direction ...

    faraday.physics.uiowa.edu/modern/7B35.50.htm - Cached
  4. Electron Properties 7B35.50
    Click above to see movie. PIRA Classification: 7B35.50. Description: An electron
    beam pushes a paddle wheel along the discharge tube. Special Instructions: ...

    groups.physics.umn.edu/demo/modern/7B3550.html - Cached
  5. 7b35.xx - electron properties
    Electron Properties. 7B35.40. Maltese Cross. 7B35.50. Paddle Wheel. 7B35.75.
    Plasma Globe. Demo Request Form Home.

    groups.physics.umn.edu/demo/electronframe.html - Cached
  6. Radiometer
    Radiometer. infra-red radiation - kinetic theory of gases - heat energy. What it
    Shows: Detection of infra-red radiation by the rotation of a paddle-wheel vane ...

    www.fas.harvard.edu/~scidemos/LightOptics/.../Radiometer.html - Cached
  7. 5M20.00 - Tubes - PIRA Bibliography -
    Code, Demo Name, Description, Reference, Source. 5M20.10 ...
    physicslearning.colorado.edu/bib/PiraSubTOC.asp?STopic=5M20 - Cached
  8. Lecture Demonstration Index - Modern Physics
    7B35.10 - Crookes tubes; 7B35.40 - Maltese Cross Tube; 7B35.50 - Paddle
    Wheel Tube; 7B35.75 - Plasma Tube. Atomic Models. 7B50.15 - Bohr Atom; 7B50
    .50 ...

    faraday.physics.uiowa.edu/modern.html - Cached
  9. qr.xml
    (m) (T) A beam of cathode rays (electrons) impinging on a paddle wheel cause it
    to spin and travel down the vacuum tube. (s) (T+) Charge to mass ratio of ...

    www.fas.harvard.edu/~scidemos/QuantumRelativity/qr.xml - Cached
  10. New Demonstrations
    6A65.71 - Fresnel lens - energy at focal point. 7A10.40 - Solar Cell 7B35.40 -
    Maltese Cross 7B35.50 - Paddle Wheel. 8B10.35 - Random Walk with Bumble
    Ball ...

    groups.physics.umn.edu/demo/new_stuff.html - Cached


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