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  1. Using the API - Interspire Knowledge Base
    Can I create an Email Campaign with the API? Is there a way to add an email to a
    Suppression List via the API? Can I unsubscribe contacts via the API?

  2. Email Marketer XML API Documentation - Interspire Knowledge Base
    The Interspire Email Marketer XML API makes it possible to programmatically
    update and use your system without needing to physically access it. As XML is a

  3. XML API Documentation
    The Interspire Email Marketer XML API is a remotely accessible service API to
    allow ... Marketer users to run many of the Interspire Email Marketer API functions

  4. Email Marketer XML API usage and examples - Interspire ...
    You can download our official XML API documentation here. Email Marketer's
    API can be invoked by sending XML requests. The API files are found in the ...

    https://www.interspire.com/.../Email+Marketer+XML+API+usage+and+ examples
  5. Can I create an Email Campaign with the API? - Interspire ...
    Create a campaign with Email Marketer's PHP API. Example script attached.
    https://www.interspire.com/.../Can+I+create+an+Email+Campaign+with+the+ API%3F
  6. Can I unsubscribe contacts via the API? - Interspire Knowledge Base
    You can easily unsubscribe contacts using the XML API or the PHP API (see the
    attached example PHP script for more details) ...

  7. How does the Interspire Shopping Cart API work? - Interspire ...
    An API (or application programming interface) is a way to programatically extract
    data from your store in a common XML file format. You can then manipulate the ...

    https://www.interspire.com/.../How+does+the+Interspire+Shopping+Cart+API +work%3F
  8. Script to send email with the Email Marketer API - Interspire Forum
    I was running some tests with the PHP API in Email Marketer and I wrote this
    script to send an email with it. It's not set up to send an email ...

  9. Interspire Email Marketer Agency Edition XML API
    outlined in the general Interspire Email Marketer XML API documentation. All API
    ... panel and needs to have the “Yes, allow this user to use the XML API” setting ...

    https://www.interspire.com/.../InterspireEmailMarketerAgencyEdition-API- Documentation.pdf
  10. Can I use my existing user database with Interspire Email Marketer ...
    Yes, you can create PHP scripts which call the IEM functions and classes, or you
    can use the XML API. Using the XML API is usually going to be the preferred ...

    https://www.interspire.com/.../Can+I+use+my+existing+user+database+with+ Interspire+Email+Marketer%3F


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