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  1. Ink 19 :: MTV: TRL Christmas
    Christina Aguilera's dance-pop version of the traditional "Angels We Have Heard
    On High" is mostly harmless, though replete with her usual faux-diva histrionics ...

  2. Ink 19 :: The Anti-Matter Anthology
    Unless you're some dick from Rolling Stone who asks all these weirdly
    inappropriate sex questions or boasts loudly about "raging" with Christina
    Aguilera on a ...

  3. Ink 19 :: Pearls Before Swine
    Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera (whose hair has allegedly fallen out from
    lack of protein in her diet) have made a couple billion dollars for the have-dozen

  4. Ink 19 :: Louise Goffin
    ... Vegas contemplating life, she's spent time at a songwriting retreat in the south
    of France writing songs for Christina Aguilera (which she couldn't do so instead, ...

  5. Ink 19 :: Fat City Reprise
    She had a voice that reminded me of a country-Christina Aguilera type. After an
    hour, I began shifting my feet, hoping that the set would end. Fat City Reprise ...

  6. Ink 19 :: The Matrix
    ... behind artists such as Avril Lavigne ("Sk8er Boi"), Hilary Duff (So Yesterday),
    Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, Christina Aguilera, Liz Phair, and Backstreet Boys.

  7. Ink 19 :: Adele
    Adele has a voice that could make Christina Aguilera blush. Not only can she belt
    out notes with the best of them, but she also understands that you don't have ...

  8. Ink 19 :: I Guess Nothing Really Changes
    Most bands, after Christina Aguilera's bizarre outfit, wouldn't have been up to it.
    Oh, but times are different now. Fuck man, I remember when everyone thought ...

  9. Ink 19 :: The Top 19 Singles of the Year
    Tack on the most charismatic boy band in the land, and you've got one for the
    history books. Just don't hold your breath for that Christina Aguilera/Kid 606 duet.

  10. Ink 19 :: Gimme Skelter
    Shat provides a fairly humorous song about Christina Aguilera, and the
    compilation closes with a funny phone call to Iggy Pop. Overall, this compilation
    is ...



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