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  1. Ink 19 :: Fall Out Boy
    Apr 27, 2006 ... The "Black Clouds and Underdogs Tour" brings Fall Out Boy, All American
    Rejects, Hawthorne Heights and other teenage poster pin-up ...

  2. Ink 19 :: Meat Loaf
    Aug 30, 2010 ... Andy Hurley, of Fall Out Boy, sits behind the drums, and the curly haired front
    woman whose namesake the band takes is none other than Meat ...

  3. Ink 19 :: The Dollyrots
    Feb 4, 2008 ... The young girl led/boy backed band from Melbourne, Florida ... Like a female-
    fronted Fall Out Boy, this music was everything that I hate.

  4. Ink 19 :: Drive Thru Records/Pure Volume
    Highlights include Jack's Mannequin's outstanding “Kill The Messenger,” the
    vibrant “Saturday” by Fall Out Boy and the epic rock of “Can't Suspend It” from
    The ...

  5. Ink 19 :: Buckcherry
    Featuring members of Fall Out Boy, Every Time I Die, and Anthrax, the band's
    debut record Ironiclast is a snappy offering, filled with hook-laden, hard driving, ...

  6. Ink 19 :: Jarret Keene
    The last big band to take off was back in the '80s. That's a long ... Do you think
    that those arguments with bands like the Bravery, Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The

  7. Ink 19 :: I Am the Avalanche
    Dec 8, 2007 ... Epitaph's answer to Fall Out Boy opened the night. Farewell look and sound like
    Chicago's emo-centric boy band wonders, and -- as would be ...

  8. Ink 19 :: Pete Murray of LO-PRO
    Fresh off an acoustic tour supporting Aaron Lewis of Staind, Pete Murray sheds
    light on ... doesn't like what I do musically, no worries, buy a Fall Out Boy record.

  9. Ink 19 :: Love Me Destroyer
    x-Reference; Pinhead Circus · Fall Out Boy ... Having developed out of the rubble
    of a band I've never heard of (Pinhead Circus), but whom many outlets claim to ...

  10. Ink 19 :: Lifetime
    Apr 27, 2007 ... When the band then signed to Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz's Decaydance label,
    many of those same fans denounced the band as sell-outs.



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