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  1. Ink 19 :: Teen Angst? Naaah...
    Am I bitter? ... Granted there's no swearing and no adventure that rates more than
    a PG-13 in the raunchy department (he ... Gail "I'm Not Angry Anymore" Worley ...

  2. Ink 19 :: Ministry
    Gail Worley ... you really don't even find people lighting up inside office buildings
    anymore. But Ministry front man Al Jourgensen, who is not overly concerned with
    following rules ... Al can smoke 'em if he's got 'em as far as I'm concerned. ...
    songs about being really angry with George W. Bush and the current

  3. Ink 19 :: Peter Steele
    Gail Worley makes her Type O Negative trifecta by speaking with Peter Steele. ...
    I'm not even talking about myself, but of course there's sexual activity and drugs,
    fighting and language; it is certainly not a place to raise ... So I don't cry anymore,
    I just beat people up. ... I've found that to be great, especially when I was angry.

  4. An Interview with Drummer Paul Cook of Sex Pistols and Manraze
    Gail Worley talks with drummer Paul Cook of Sex Pistols and Manraze. ... Phil's a
    rock guitarist and I'm a rock drummer and this is how we feel." Image - cook.jpg.

  5. Ink 19 :: John Paul Jones
    Gail Worley talks to a true musical legend. ... The Brits don't like "Angry Angry. ...
    You know, I'm not a great technician on any instrument, but as long as I can ....
    Musicians these days, they don't seem to do that anymore, and bring it all into the

  6. Ink 19 :: Guided By Voices
    Following that rule, Gail Worley plies the tongue of Guided By Voices ... I don't
    think people take the craft of songwriting seriously anymore, or not too many
    people. ... And I was like, "Yeah, I do, but you don't understand what I'm trying to
    do. ..... It only makes me angry, and I go off, when someone's trying to stomp on
    my buzz.

  7. Ink 19 :: The Black Halos
    Mar 20, 2001 ... Gail Worley risks international phone lines to catch up with frontman (and wild ...
    of phone time to Canada on Priceline.com for, like, $2.50 (no kidding). ... a mad
    scientist, and stick with them because it's all about the magic. ... I'm sure if they
    could have made a better sounding record, they sure would have.

  8. Ink 19 :: Supagroup
    Supagroup,by Gail Worley,An On-The-Road Interview with Chris and Benji Lee of
    ... was actually fun and not all about complaining and senseless, misplaced
    anger. ... Swift on bass and drummer Michael Brueggen Earlier this year I had the
    pleasure of ... A lot of people we meet say to us, 'I don't listen to the radio

  9. Ink 19 :: Ministry (Part II)
    by Gail Worley. Note: This is the ... Here we go, OK, I'm into the snappy repartee
    now. Stanley .... Another reason to be angry, right Al? .... So, if you're not into the
    Chicago scene anymore what's your stock in Chicago Trax these days? Or does

  10. Ink 19 :: Ministry (Part I)
    First of a two-part interview with Gail Worley. ... recognizes me and brings me
    over to the two men I am there to meet: Ministry's Al Jourgenson and Paul Barker.


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