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  1. Ink 19 :: Guided By Voices
    Following that rule, Gail Worley plies the tongue of Guided By Voices frontman
    Robert Pollard with a six of Miller Lite, and lets the tape roll. We guarantee that ...

  2. Ink 19 :: Guided By Voices
    After 48 songs, two and a half hours, and approximately 10 bottles of beer, I spot
    Guided By Voices singer Robert Pollard struggling to stand up straight outside ...

  3. Ink 19 :: Guided by Voices
    Even now, 19 years after Guided by Voices' breakthrough Bee Thousand, it still
    seems de rigueur for any review of a Robert Pollard-associated project to make ...

  4. Ink 19 :: Guided By Voices
    UTAC spans the gulf between the four-track madness and major label "We need
    a hit, Bob"-ness that is Robert Pollard and Guided By Voices. Here the solid ...

  5. Ink 19 :: Guided by Voices
    Half Smiles of the Decomposed, Guided by Voices' putative farewell album, has
    been on record store shelves for nigh on six months now, and in typical Ink 19 ...

  6. Ink 19 :: Guided By Voices
    Guided By Voices. The Pipe Dreams of Instant Prince Whippet. Fading Captain.
    Another day, another great GBV release. Ho hum. Seriously, Robert Pollard ...

  7. Ink 19 :: Guided by Voices
    On their second album for Matador following a controversial stint with TVT
    Records, Guided by Voices appear to have recovered from the stumble caused
    by ...

  8. Ink 19 :: Guided By Voices
    Lo-fi indie heroes Guided By Voices come to hi-tech DVD with The Who Went
    Home and Cried. Will wonders ever cease? James Mann hopes not.

  9. Ink 19 :: Guided By Voices
    It seems inevitable that once you practice your craft for as long as Robert Pollard
    and Guided By Voices have, you are gonna hit a lull in the level of your output.

  10. Ink 19 :: I listened to what?!?
    "Teenage FBI" Do The Collapse Guided By Voices. Someone tell me why/ I do
    the things/ That I don't want to do/ When you're around me/ I'm somebody else.



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