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  1. Ink 19 :: Goodbye Ox
    The Who's legendary bassist, John Entwistle passed away Thursday at the age of
    57. James Mann offers a tribute, and several Ink 19 staffers add their thoughts.
  2. Ink 19 :: Who's Who's Best is Who's Better?
    This collection had been in the works for some time before John Entwistle's
    untimely death, so I can't really call its timing an effort to cash in. Nevertheless,
    the ...
  3. Ink 19 :: The Psychedelic Furs
    ... The Human League · John Entwistle · Bill Wyman · Jean-Jacques Burnel · The
    Buzzcocks · Velvet Underground · The Stranglers .... The anti-John Entwistle!
  4. Ink 19 :: REO Speedwagon
    Nov 9, 2013 ... A rock solid contingent, RZB also features one-time Robert Plant guitarist Mark
    Hitt, former John Entwistle drummer Steve Luongo, bassist Larry ...
  5. Ink 19 :: Cheap Trick
    x-Reference; Chevy HHR · The Beatles · Paul McCartney · Brian Wilson · The
    Beach Boys · Pete Townshend · John Entwistle. Do you want to write for Ink 19?
  6. Ink 19 :: OK Go
    May 15, 2010 ... ... kiss, and the lead guitarist looked like a pre-Hard Day's Night George Harrison,
    while bassist Jonny Gleaton had the cool of John Entwistle.
  7. Ink 19 :: Bad Lieutenant
    Unless it's "Dynamo," which has a cool "Won't Get Fooled Again"-style
    breakdown with Morris in the Keith Moon role and presumably James as John
  8. Ink 19 :: Stephen Perkins Part 2
    He's almost like a John Entwistle, where he just completely takes you on a ride.
    It's tough and melodic and just demanding of your ear. You might think, "What the
  9. Ink 19 :: 19 Reasons Why 2002 Really Sucked
    16: John Entwistle and the gall of it all. One of the premier bassists in rock history
    dies, and Pete Townshend is on the phone for a replacement before the body ...
  10. TV Party » Blog Archive » Vh1 Rock Honors – The Who - Blogs - Ink 19
    Jul 28, 2008 ... I will admit to horribly missing John Entwistle though. 8 songs in total did they
    play but only 4 were televised, damn it! “Who Are You”, “Behind ...


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