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  1. Ink 19 :: Rod Webber
    Music W · Wanna Buy a Craprak? Western Keys · Rod Webber ... With his off-beat
    , acoustic folk style being cohesive over the album's dozen tracks, Rod's songs ...
  2. Ink 19 :: Acheron
    Tribute To The Devil's Music (Black Lotus). ... Authenticating the ideals of true evil
    and denouncing anything to do with Christianity, Acheron is one band you can ...
  3. Ink 19 :: Gainesville Summer Music Showcase
    This guitar-bass-drums trio plays mainly instrumental music (songs with vocals
    having long instrumental passages) with tastefully processed echoey
    psychedelic ...
  4. Ink 19 :: Eric Wallack and Greg Segal
    As those of you who've read my Ink19 interview with him already know, Greg ...
    Asleep is a truly mind-expanding, refreshing change from commercial music.
  5. Ink 19 :: Wayne Kramer Presents Beyond Cyberpunk
    Music W · Wolfpac · Wayne Kramer Presents Beyond Cyberpunk · Where Fear
    and ... Thankfully, that's not the case with Beyond Cyberpunk. Not only does the ...
  6. Ink 19 :: Wattstax
    While comparing the Wattstax with the modern day music festival seems a
    culturally and contextually moot point, there's still something to be learned from
    what ...
  7. Ink 19 :: The Wesley Willis Fiasco
    In this case, Wesley Willis, diagnosed with chronic schizophrenia, manages to
    bring ... the music for Rush's "Tom Sawyer" and Willis singing "The Bar is Closed.
  8. Ink 19 :: Lee Bob Watson
    I have found my distaste for country western graying as my love of music ... When
    the steel guitars cry, the vocals ooze with working class pain, and you can ...
  9. Ink 19 :: Tom Waits
    Anyone familiar with Tom Waits' recent recordings will recognize this as fertile ...
    to lend a hand to the chorus of Hades in their annual summer music festival.
  10. Ink 19 :: The Walkmen
    They have great songs shot through with melancholy and a good sense of humor
    ... stuff and soul music and rockabilly, but so do a lot of other bands these days.


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