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  1. Ink 19 :: Sunny Day Real Estate
    Don't ask Sunny Day Real Estate drummer William Goldsmith, as he claims not to
    understand the label. Instead, he spoke to Gail Worley about Yoga, Carpal ...

  2. Ink 19 :: Sunny Day Real Estate
    While not impressing me as fast as their previous albums, The Rising Tide<...
  3. Ink 19 :: Sunny Day Real Estate
    Sunny Day Real Estate. Live. Sub Pop. One of those bands that people seem to
    love or hate. One of those bands that has influenced a lot of other bands. One of ...

  4. Ink 19 :: Lovedrug
    Imagine a cross between Remy Zero, Radiohead, Muse, Coldplay, Spiritualized,
    and Sunny Day Real Estate; that's about as close as I can come to describing ...

  5. Ink 19 :: Wretch Like Me
    Approaching the sonic dynamics of a band like Sunny Day Real Estate, Wretch
    Like Me allow themselves to create a track with an epic feel. Stylistically then, this

  6. Ink 19 :: little a
    ... little a sounds like a bad tribute band of Sunny Day Real Estate and Candlebox
    . There's really nothing redeeming about this record in the least, as their songs ...

  7. Ink 19 :: Cursive
    Nov 22, 2006 ... After this jolt of energy got my blood pumping once more, former Sunny Day Real
    Estate frontman Jeremy Enigk brought the party crashing ...

  8. Ink 19 :: Further Seems Forever
    ... of these ex-Strongarm lads, Further Seems Forever's The Moon is Down being
    their Sunny Day to buy some new musical Real Estate. But you can't really fault ...

  9. Ink 19 :: Starflyer 59
    But as we all know, most of it has stunk real, real bad. Misinformed guitar ... I
    mean, really, that last Sunny Day Real Estate album sucked. Disc two collects ...

  10. Ink 19 :: Engine Down
    Day After. The problem with most bands that draw upon the Sunny Day Real
    Estate sound is that they are not musically competent enough to pull it off. Engine



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