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  1. GPA Calculator | Student Success | University of Southern Maine
    Semester GPA Calculator. To calculate your projected GPA for the current
    semester: Enter the GPA hours for each course you are currently taking. Select
    your ...

  2. Details Worth Knowing | Student Success | University of Southern ...
    Calculating your GPA – You can calculate your GPA or see what grades you will
    need this semester in ... Use the USM GPA Calculator on the Advising Network.

  3. Terms to Know | Student Success | University of Southern Maine
    GPA. Grade Point Average. Calculate yours using the GPA Calculator ... by the
    end of one semester the grade becomes an *I and counts as an F in the GPA.

  4. Brenda Ricker | Student Success | University of Southern Maine
    Academic Calendar · Academic Policies (Undergraduate) · Advising Notes ·
    Catalogs; CORE · Degree Planning · Faculty/Staff Directory · GPA Calculator · $
    ALT ...

  5. FAQs - Advising in the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social ...
    ... GPA Calculator, Form Bank, Advising Videos, and short articles on the Student
    Passport to help you understand the advising process and your responsibilities ...

  6. Contents
    find an advising timeline, learning modules, links, GPA calculator, forms, and
    much ... cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0 in all prior course work to be considered.

  7. Information for USM Students who are Interested in the Nursing ...
    Sep 19, 2014 ... minimum 2.67 GPA in the nursing sciences (anatomy & physiology I & II, ...
    learning modules, links, GPA calculator, forms, and much more.

  8. Academic Policies and Procedures to Know | Student Success ...
    This can happen when grades fall below a "good standing" GPA. This "good
    standing" is different depending on program and total number of credits

  9. Students | University of Southern Maine
    ... ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) · GPA Calculator Tool · How
    to Choose a Major · Improve Your Studying Skills · Learning Commons.

  10. Advising Timeline-Academic Advisor | Student Success | University ...
    Typically, during the first week of the month, grades have been posted and GPA's
    are updated. Then the Deans' offices take appropriate academic action based ...



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