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  1. Volunteers
    MOFGA is essentially a volunteer-driven organization, relying on the support of
    more than 1500 volunteers each year. The collective impact of MOFGA's ...

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  2. Fair Volunteers
    WELCOME VOLUNTEERS! How to Volunteer at the Common Ground Country
    Fair. Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering at the Common Ground

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  3. MOFGA Members Needed to Volunteer
    MOFGA volunteers are needed for all of these things and more. We will be
    participating in several events throughout the coming spring and summer. We
    need ...

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  4. Thanks to 2009 Fair Volunteers
    MOFGA would like to thank members of the MOFGA board, Common Ground
    Country Fair Steering and Planning Committees and our dedicated volunteers for

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  5. Volunteer Profiles
    You are here: Support MOFGA Volunteers Volunteer Profiles. MOFGA volunteers
    are featured in every issue of The Maine Organic Farmer & Gardener.

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  6. Feeding the Fair Volunteers
    Each year more than 2,000 people volunteer to help organize, facilitate and
    clean up after the Common Ground Country Fair. People who work four hours or

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  7. Volunteer Profiles
    “During a volunteer work party last spring, C.J. Walke (MOFGA's landscape
    coordinator, and a fellow Unity College graduate) asked if I would take a look at
    the ...

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  8. Volunteer Camping
    Staff and volunteers with special needs may reserve tent sites. All other
    volunteers will be “first-come first-served.” For every 4-hour volunteer shift, you
    are ...

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  9. Volunteer Profiles
    MOFGA volunteers are featured in every issue of The Maine Organic Farmer &
    Gardener. MOFGA Volunteer Profiles, Minimize ...

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  10. Volunteer Profiles
    Yet this September marks the 24th year that dedicated volunteer Anu Dudley has
    coordinated the Common Ground Country Fair Folk Arts Area. Dudley is a ...

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