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  1. List changes to the current file - Vim Tips Wiki
    Vim remembers the locations where changes occurred. Each position (column
    number, line number) is recorded in a change list, and each buffer has a
    separate ...
  2. Vim documentation: change
    *change.txt* For Vim version 7.3. Last change: 2011 Feb 25 VIM REFERENCE
    MANUAL by Bram Moolenaar This file describes commands that delete or ...
  3. Have Vim check automatically if the file has changed externally ...
    If you are using a console version of Vim, or dealing " with a file that changes
    externally (e.g. a web server log) " then Vim does not always check to see if the
    file ... _externally
  4. Using undo branches - Vim Tips Wiki
    Vim supports standard undo and redo, and also supports undo branches which
    allow you to undo some changes, then make a new change, while keeping all ...
  5. Easier buffer switching - Vim Tips Wiki
    If Vim is running with its default settings, or in vi compatible mode, the :buffer
    command will not abandon the buffer until any changes have been written.
  6. Search and replace - Vim Tips Wiki
    Vim provides the (substitute) command for search and replace; this tip shows ...
    The g flag means global each occurrence in the line is changed, rather than ...
  7. Change cursor shape in different modes - Vim Tips Wiki
    To change the shape of the cursor in different modes, you can add the following
    into your vimrc...
  8. YankRing.vim - Maintains a history of previous yanks, changes and ...
    Vim already maintains a list of numbered registers containing the last 9 deletes.
    ... cw - Changes the word and stores the previous value in the yankring.
  9. Change the color scheme - Vim Tips Wiki
    In gvim, after changing the default color scheme, the next time gvim is started, the
    default setting is restored. To retain the color scheme add colorscheme ...
  10. Vim buffer FAQ - Vim Tips Wiki
    Vim provides various commands and options to support editing multiple buffers.
    This document ... This buffer number will not change in a single Vim session.


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