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  1. The NERD Commenter - A plugin that allows for easy commenting of ...
    Extract the plugin files in your ~/.vim (*nix) or ~/vimfiles (Windows). You should
    have 2 files: plugin/NERD_commenter.vim doc/NERD_commenter.txt. Next, to ...
  2. Script:1218 - Vim Tips Wiki
    Use this page to discuss script 1218 NERD Commenter: easy commenting of
    code for many filetypes...
  3. Script:3048 - Vim Tips Wiki
    Do not document the script here (the author should do that on ... The
    NERD Commenter (
  4. tex-fold - Easy TeX folding : vim online
    A light-weight alternative to vim-latexsuite's folding. It uses a ... 1.1, 2014-04-23,
    7.0, Matthias Vogelgesang, * Fixes incompatibility issue with NERDcommenter.
  5. Easy (un)commenting out of source code - Vim Tips Wiki
    Please review this tip: This tip was imported from and needs general
    review. ..... I found the Nerd commenter script very valuable: Nerd Commenter ...
  6. Modelines Bundle - Insert Modelines from current settings : vim online
    sponsor Vim development, Vim logo, Vim Book Ad ... New features: Uses
    NERD_Commenter when available, fallback to &commentstring when not.
  7. Script:2657 - Vim Tips Wiki
    this wiki. Use this page to discuss script 2657 VOoM (Vim Outliner of Markers) ...
    to pastebin-services e.g. via :%Paste), vim-nerdcommenter (toggle comments), ...
  8. AuthorInfo - You can add your author info in any source files,such as ...
    1)you need install The NERD Commenter first. url is :
    script.php?script_id=1218 2)you need some config in vimrc:
  9. search results : vim online
    Results 1 - 20 of 4889 ... taglist.vim, utility, 11412, 255639, Source code browser (supports ... The NERD
    Commenter, utility, 1770, 54078, A plugin that allows for ...
  10. Melt Vim - Plugin for Melt files : vim online
    Sep 14, 2009 ... + if the Nerd commenter plugin (
    1218) is installed then its usual commands handle melt ...


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