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  1. rails.vim - Ruby on Rails: easy file navigation, enhanced syntax ...
    Remember when everybody and their mother was using TextMate for Ruby on
    Rails development? Well if it wasn't for rails.vim, we'd still be in that era. So shut ...
  2. refactor-rails.vim - A vim plugin to help refactoring rails projects : vim ...
    Jul 17, 2012 ... A plugin that simplifies some of the process used to refactor projects in rails. Visit: for further ...
  3. rake.vim - It's like rails.vim without the rails : vim online
    With rake.vim, you can use all those parts of rails.vim (vimscript #1567) that you
    wish you could use on your other Ruby projects on anything with a Rakefile, ...
  4. railstab.vim - Retabbing hacks extracted from rails.vim : vim online
    May 26, 2008 ... This plugin contains the retabbing feature from rails.vim that will be removed in a
    forthcoming version. I have provided this plugin as a courtesy ...
  5. Script:1567 - Vim Tips Wiki
    Use this page to discuss script 1567 rails: Ruby on Rails: easy file navigation,
  6. user profile : vim online
    speeddating.vim, Use CTRL-A/X to increment dates, times, and more ... rails.vim,
    Ruby on Rails: easy file navigation, enhanced syntax highlighting, and more.
  7. Railscasts Theme (GUI&256color) - A railscasts color theme that ...
    Mar 2, 2008 ... sponsor Vim development, Vim logo, Vim Book Ad ... description. This theme is
    based on Josh O'Rourke's Vim clone of the railscast textmate ...
  8. node - Tools to make Vim superb for developing with Node.js. Like ...
    Tools to make Vim superb for developing with Node.js. It's the Node equivalent of
    Rails.vim (vimscript #1567) and Rake.vim (vimscript #3669). This is just the first ...
  9. Smartgf - 'goto file' on steroids! : vim online
    ... *Note: If you use rails.vim you should know that smartgf disable rails.vim 'gf' ...
  10. Go to definition using g - Vim Tips Wiki
    Place the cursor on any variable in your program. will take you to the local
    declaration., will...


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