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  1. simplefold - space-optimized, configurable folds, supports Ruby ...
    Apr 19, 2007 ... simplefold : space-optimized, configurable folds, supports Ruby, Ocaml, Perl,
    PHP, Java. ... See also vimtip#77 and vimscript #158.
  2. Syntax folding of Vim scripts - Vim Tips Wiki
    The code at the end of this tip allows folding of various Vim script constructs via
    .... augroups; functions; embedded scripts in scheme, perl, python, ruby, and tcl.
  3. rails.vim - Ruby on Rails: easy file navigation, enhanced syntax ...
    Remember when everybody and their mother was using TextMate for Ruby on
    Rails development? ... Eliminate log file syntax folding for massive speed boost.
  4. All folds open when opening a file - Vim Tips Wiki
    When you set foldmethod to something like indent or syntax , which defines folds
    as soon as you open the file, all folds are closed by default. If you set the ...
  5. Vim documentation: various
    Last change: 2011 Mar 03 VIM REFERENCE MANUAL by Bram Moolenaar
    Various ..... N *+folding* |folding| *+footer* |gui-footer| *+fork* Unix only: |fork|
    shell ... m *+ruby* Ruby interface |ruby| m *+ruby/dyn* Ruby interface |ruby-
    dynamic| ...
  6. Turn on syntax coloring in Mac OS X - Vim Tips Wiki
    If you don't have syntax highlighting in any Vim, first make sure something like
    this is in ... Vim provides syntax files that can provide syntax coloring or folding for
  7. Fix syntax highlighting - Vim Tips Wiki
    When editing, Vim can lose track of the syntax and may highlight text incorrectly.
    The :syntax sync command controls how Vim synchronizes the syntax state that ...
  8. Vim documentation: syntax
    Vim doesn't parse the whole file (to keep it fast), so the highlighting has its ..... to
    Vim's foldcolumn, that will use javascript to open and close the folds in the HTML
  9. VOoM - Vim two-pane outliner : vim online
    VOoM was originally written to work with start fold markers with level numbers,
    that is {{{1, {{{2, {{{3, ... thevimoutliner -- The Vim Outliner plugin (vimscript #517);
  10. easytags.vim - Automated tag file generation and syntax highlighting ...
    If this bothers you then you can install my shell.vim plug-in (see vimscript #3123)
    which includes a DLL that .... Make shell script highlighting compatible with
    syntax folding (issue #20): .... Dynamic highlighting for Ruby source code (issue #


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