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  1. Flac - Mono Vs. Stereo - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    FLAC using sox: sox.exe stereo.flac -C 8 mono.flac channels 1
  2. Is there a way to produce mono FLAC files? - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    I have mono speech recordings transferred from tape to stereo audio CDs. Now I
    need to rip these CDs to FLAC for archival purposes, but I ...
  3. Possible bug: cannot seek in 8-bit mono flac file - Hydrogenaudio ...
    As the subject says, I cannot seek in an 8-bit, 44.1 kHz, mono flac file.
    Furthermore, and this is likely related, foobar doesn't display the length ...
  4. 24bit Mono FLAC file - display problems - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    I noticed an album with mono (1 channel) FLAC tracks which does not render
    these functions: - No "Duration" info ; opening fb2k Properties I ...
  5. Hydrogenaudio Forums > FLAC compression with a mono source
    Does FLAC recognize when a source is mono, and compress accordingly - i.e.
    not as stereo (with a separate right and left channel), but as a ...
  6. FLAC bug: wave-parser broken for 24-bit / mono - Hydrogen Audio
    Hi, I found a serious problem with flac wave-parser: In case you try to compress a
    24-bit mono (probably all files with odd number of channels) ...
  7. The Beatles in Mono > 1-Channel FLAC? - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    I'd be surprised if this saved any significant space. I'm sure the FLAC encoder is
    smart enough to switch to Mid+Side for these files and ...
  8. Which LAME settings to convert Beatles MONO CDs ...
    I have the set of Beatles Remastered in MONO. I'd to .... I've experimented on
    various near-mono CDs I own, just with FLAC, and found that my ...
  9. Strange Mono ALAC Discrepancy - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    Using dBPowerAmp, if I convert the stereo WAV file to a stereo FLAC file, it's 8.1
    MB. If I convert it to a mono FLAC file, it's 5.4MB. However, if I ...
  10. Detecting mono files - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    I have set up a vintage mono tube system in my house and I have many ... Mono
    FLAC files tend to compress more than stereo files and have ...


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