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  1. Flac - Mono Vs. Stereo - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    FLAC using sox: sox.exe stereo.flac -C 8 mono.flac channels 1
  2. Strange results with Flac -0 & -3 in mono - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    I'm running these tests with 10 stereo CD and 10 mono CD. Here are my results
    with Flac 1.1.2: 10 Stereo CD Total: 4860086216 bytes
  3. Multi-channel FLAC and DVD-Audio authoring - Hydrogenaudio ...
    For 1-channel (mono) and 2-channel (stereo) FLAC files, the channel assignment
    is obvious. but are there any de-facto standards for the ...
  4. convert a wav or a mp3 file in a flac file (.raw) - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    Let me see if I understand: You want to take MP3 or FLAC files and decode them
    to raw PCM files that have been resampled to 8KHz mono.
  5. Any advantage using FLAC over MP3 for vintage music ...
    I've been using FLAC for everything but it occurs to me that eventually ... I can't
    tell the difference, with these older mono records, when listening ...
  6. Reading Flac tags using C# - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    Never tried it in c#, but someone once ported a flac encoder to c# ... This one is
    not specific to FLAC:
  7. FLAC Plugin broken in QuickTime 7 under OSX 10.3.9 ...
    This post has been edited by Mono: May 2 2005, 21:29. Go to the top of ... Is the
    FLAC plugin based off of the old vorbis quicktime component?
  8. Question about Flac and tags - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    If so, then how do I add tags to my flac files if i were to to rip with EAC and encode
    to flac within the ... QUOTE (Mono @ Feb 24 2005, 05:00 AM).
  9. Reality check re: ripping LPs esp. mono - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    I'm using Stereo Tools to make the signal mono before it goes to the limiter ... I
    compressed all the wavs to flac, rather than using lossy codec.
  10. General Flac and Grip help... - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    Im assuming FLAC is the best choice for lossless. ... Material with a lot of silence
    and material very mono-like are typically easy to encode.


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