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  1. 'Too low' for lossless FLAC ratios? - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    With Mono or semi-Mono files you also get low bitrate FLACs. Some audiobooks
    will be compressed to 260kbps with FLAC. This post has been ...
    I'm trying to compress a wav file using flac, and I get the following output: --- ...
    tuek-mono-11khz.wav: ERROR initializing encoder state = 14: ...
  3. Multi-channel FLAC and DVD-Audio authoring - Hydrogenaudio ...
    For 1-channel (mono) and 2-channel (stereo) FLAC files, the channel assignment
    is obvious. but are there any de-facto standards for the ...
  4. Reading Flac tags using C# - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    Never tried it in c#, but someone once ported a flac encoder to c# directly (see
    these forums), so perhap ...
  5. Question about Flac and tags - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    If so, then how do I add tags to my flac files if i were to to rip with EAC and encode
    to flac within the ... QUOTE (Mono @ Feb 24 2005, 05:00 AM).
  6. Reality check re: ripping LPs esp. mono - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    Currently I'm ripping a mono LP and I've been fooling around with the ... I
    compressed all the wavs to flac, rather than using lossy codec.
  7. HD Radio Cards - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    Who wants a FLAC copy or a transcoding of a 96 kbps (or less) source? This post
    has been edited by Mono: Oct 18 2004, 03:32. Go to the top ...
  8. Flac for VoIP - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    From the website, the fastest flac implementation is 400MB in 6.5ish mins: so
    approx 60MB per min, or 1MB per .... 1st, voice is usually mono.
  9. Exact Video Copy? - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    BTW - I owned a McIntosh mono tube amp long ago... It was OK, but ... I blame it
    all on Pearl Jam for releasing their live shows in FLAC!!! Some ...
  10. 2008 ripping/encoding general poll - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    flac and wavpack again have a tie in lossless, but as flac is more .... Works quite
    well when encoding mono recordings frequently more than 60 ...


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