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  1. Flac - Mono Vs. Stereo - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    FLAC using sox: sox.exe stereo.flac -C 8 mono.flac channels 1
  2. The Beatles in Mono > 1-Channel FLAC? - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    I'm thinking to save space I'll use foobar2000 to rip and "downmix to mono" these
    CDs. Is there any reason why that is a bad idea? Thanks.
  3. Strange results with Flac -0 & -3 in mono - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    I'm running these tests with 10 stereo CD and 10 mono CD. Here are my results
    with Flac 1.1.2: 10 Stereo CD Total: 4860086216 bytes
  4. Is there a way to produce mono FLAC files? - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    I have mono speech recordings transferred from tape to stereo audio CDs. Now I
    need to rip these CDs to FLAC for archival purposes, but I ...
  5. Detecting mono files - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    I have set up a vintage mono tube system in my house and I have many ... Mono
    FLAC files tend to compress more than stereo files and have ...
  6. Hydrogenaudio Forums > Mono recordings
    The shows, however, come as flac files, and I'd like to compress them to mp3's. ...
    The recordings are mono as most are bootlegs from a mic.
  7. WMA lossless 24/96 to FLAC - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    I am trying to convert WMA lossless 24 bit 96kHz file to FLAC. When I used
    dbAMP ... QUOTE (Mono @ Jun 10 2006, 12:16) *. Use Microsoft's ...
  8. Reading Flac tags using C# - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    Never tried it in c#, but someone once ported a flac encoder to c# ... This one is
    not specific to FLAC:
  9. FLAC Plugin broken in QuickTime 7 under OSX 10.3.9 ...
    This post has been edited by Mono: May 2 2005, 21:29. Go to the top of ... Is the
    FLAC plugin based off of the old vorbis quicktime component?
  10. Question about Flac and tags - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    If so, then how do I add tags to my flac files if i were to to rip with EAC and encode
    to flac within the ... QUOTE (Mono @ Feb 24 2005, 05:00 AM).


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