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  1. Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things - Wikipedia, the free ...
    Mosquitoes: Karmic reincarnation of jealous or greedy people in the form of Jiki-
    ketsu-gaki or "blood-drinking pretas". Ants: Mankind's superior in terms of ...
  2. Gaki - L5R Wiki, the Legend of the Five Rings wiki - Clans, dragon ...
    Gaki were a "hungry spirit", ghosts that ate blood, eyes, desire, . ... The gaki
    feasted on the power of Jigoku and on that of mortals, and had no ... Jikiketsu Edit
  3. Encounter Tables
    Makura. Map and Description. Civilized Country (Near towns ...
  4. Mosquitoes
    And, considering the possibility of being doomed to the state of a Jiki-ketsu-gaki, I
    want to have my chance of being reborn in some bamboo flower-cup, ...
  5. Mark's got talent * BlendTV - YouTube
    Nov 10, 2013 ... Gaki Jiki-ketsu-gaki, Jiki-niku-gaki, Shikki-gaki and Shinen-gaki. Garagantua
    Monstrous Manual (1993) Reptilian, Humanoid and Insectoid ...
  6. The Room With No Doors
    He materialises in a ruined castle where he once fought the jiki-ketsu-gaki, a type
    of vampire, and takes Chris to the nearby monastery where he recovered from ...
  7. WWW.SHROUDEATER.COM - Vampire Names - J
    JIKI-KETSU-GAKI [ Japan ]. Spirits that are bloodsuckers. ( from: B.J. Hurwood "
    Passport to the Supernatural" ). JINN [ Arabia ]. ( from: Montague Summers "The ...
  8. Oriental Adventures Pronunciation Guide
    Dec 8, 2012 ... jian (jee-ahn)—longsword; jiki-ketsu-gaki (jee-kee keh-tsoo gah-kee) – vampiric
    undead spirit; jikiniki (jee-kee-nee-kee) – ghoul of shugenja ...
  9. D&D - Art Gallery - Oriental Adventures
    Oct 12, 2001 ... Jiki-ketsu-gaki.jpg, Kappa.jpg, Ki-rin.jpg, Lung_dragons1.jpg, Lung_dragons2.
    jpg. Jiki-ketsu-gaki, Kappa, Ki-rin, Lung dragons (left to right): Tu ...
  10. What exactly is the purpose of the mosquito?
    ... seen as reincarnations of the dead, condemned by the errors of their former
    lives to the condition of Jiki-ketsu-gaki, or "blood-drinking pretas".


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