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  1. Family Day in Quebec Jour de Famille au Quebec Petition
    Feb 13, 2008 ... This group is for petitioning the government of Quebec for a paid 1 day holiday in
    February to spend with our families. Ontario Alberta and other ...
  2. Solidarity with the Quebec Student Strike Petition
    Apr 20, 2012 ... Solidarity with the Quebec Student Strike The Quebec student strike against an
    increase in tuition fees and for free education is a crucial battle ...
  3. Quebec Refugee Registry Petition
    Mar 15, 2013 ... Whereas the province of Quebec and the Federation of Canada can no longer
    guarantee the fundamental human rights of ALL its citizens, and ...
  4. Stop Quebec French Bullying Petition
    Feb 28, 2014 ... Sign my petition to let Quebec know the government is out of line, abusive to
    English, and over-stepping human rights by allowing English ...
  5. Improve Quebec Health Care and Decrease Hospital Wait List ...
    Jul 6, 2013 ... Many people have to wait a year or more for basic tests to be done (ex:
    colonoscopy) when just a few years ago, the wait periods were much ... wait-list-durations.html
    Jul 21, 2002 ... This said petition is for the adoption of an anti-dolphinarium law in the province of
    Quebec. We, the undersigned, request that the Quebec ...
  7. Globetrotter net (Telus Quebec) should provide high speed internet ...
    Apr 23, 2002 ... ... or organizations can receive the service but not the general public. We, the
    undersigned, want Globetrotter net (Telus Quebec) to revise the... speed-internet-access.html
  8. Quebec Spouses' Right to Choose their Family Name Petition
    Aug 2, 2012 ... THEREFORE, we, the petitioners, call upon the Minister of Justice of Qu├ębec to
    amend Section 393 of the Civil Code of Quebec that states that ... html
  9. Quebec Refugee Registry - Petition signatures - Page: 1 - GoPetition
    Mar 15, 2013 ... Electronic petition signatures: Quebec Refugee Registry, Page: 1, Background:
    The e-signatures on this page are volunteered by those who ...
  10. Against banning religious symbols in public institutions in Quebec ...
    Aug 26, 2013 ... As a FREE human being in CANADA, I, the undersigned, call on Prime Minister
    of Quebec Pauline Marois to stop the project Law of banning ... institutions-in-quebec.html


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