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  1. Interest rate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    An interest rate is the rate at which interest is paid by a borrower (debtor) for the
    use of money that they borrow from a lender (creditor). Specifically, the interest ...
  2. Interest Rate Definition | Investopedia
    Interest rates are typically noted on an annual basis, known as the annual
    percentage rate (APR). The assets borrowed could include, cash, consumer
    goods, ...
  3. Interest Rates Today - Current Interest Rates - MarketWatch
    Today's current interest rates and yield curve at Marketwatch. Mortgage rates for
    30, 15 and 1 year fixed, jumbo, FHA and ARM.
  4. Current Mortgage Interest Rates |
    6 days ago ... Looking for today's rates? Get current mortgage interest rates and recent rate
    trends today from
  5. What is Interest Rate? definition and meaning
    Definition of interest rate: A rate which is charged or paid for the use of money. An
    interest rate is often expressed as an annual percentage of the...
  6. Central banks, summary of current interest rates
    This page provides a summary of the current interest rates of a large number of
    central banks. The current interest rate is the rate at which banks can borrow ...
  7. FRB: Why are interest rates being kept at a low level?
    Sep 22, 2014 ... These actions included reducing the level of short-term interest rates to near zero
    . In addition, to reduce longer-term interest rates and thus ...
  8. What Are Interest Rates?
    This is somewhat misleading, as in an economy there are dozens if not hundreds
    of rates interest between borrowers and lenders. The differences in rates can ...
  9. Best Interest Rates | CDs, Savings, Money Markets | NerdWallet
    Compare interest rates for CDs, savings and money market accounts across
    thousands of banks and credit unions. Find the highest yields for your spare cash
  10. Mexico Interest Rate | 2005-2014 | Data | Chart | Calendar | Forecast
    Sep 5, 2014 ... Interest Rate in Mexico averaged 5.76 Percent from 2005 until 2014, reaching an
    all time high of 9.25 Percent in October of 2005 and a record ...
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