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  1. Xdebug - Debugger and Profiler Tool for PHP
    A PHP extension for powerful debugging. It supports stack and function traces,
    profiling information and memory allocation and script execution analysis.
  2. HowToConfigureXDebug - NetBeans Wiki
    As written on xdebug web page, if configure script fails with something like: ../
    configure: line 1960: syntax error ...
  3. Xdebug: Downloads
    The Windows binaries generally work for every mini release for the mentioned
    PHP version, although the extension is built against the most current PHP version
  4. Debugging PHP Source Code in the NetBeans IDE for PHP Editor
    When you run XDebug from NetBeans IDE, PHP program execution pauses ...
  5. Installation - Xdebug: Documentation
    but you still need to add the correct line to your php.ini: (don't forget to change the
    path and filename to the correct one — but make sure you use the full path)
  6. Configuring Xdebug for PHP development/Linux - Joomla ...
    May 11, 2014 ... Configuring Xdebug for PHP development. Theses instructions should work fine
    on any Debian based distribution such as Debian, Ubuntu, ...
  7. Xdebug - Professional PHP Debugging - Tuts+ Code Tutorial
    Aug 28, 2013 ... Integrating with PhpStorm. Practice debugging. | Difficulty: Intermediate; Length:
    Medium; Tags: Tools & Tips, PHP, Web Development, Xdebug.
  8. PECL :: Package :: xdebug
    PECL :: The PHP Extension Community Library ... Description, The Xdebug
    extension helps you debugging your script by providing a lot of valuable debug ...
  9. Debugging PHP with Xdebug
    The Xdebug is the extension for PHP that helps debugging PHP scripts by
    providing a lot of valuable debug information. Using the Xdebug you can debug
    your ...
  10. Debugging PHP applications with xdebug | Zend Developer Zone
    Jan 7, 2008 ... Welcome to the fourth installment in our five-part series of xdebug articles on the
    Zend DevZone. This week, we will explore debugging PHP ...


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