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  1. Taco Bell - Highland - Saint Paul, MN | Yelp
    3 Reviews of Taco Bell "Sometimes it just hits the spot. Not even going to
    apologize. It's been years but when the craving hits, it hits hard lol."

  2. Taco Bell - Midway - Saint Paul, MN | Yelp
    7 Reviews of Taco Bell "If you had told me that I'd be giving a Taco Bell 5 stars, I'd
    say, "you're crazy". Well, you're not. Here it is. And seriously, this Taco Bell is ...

  3. Taco Bell - Saint Paul, MN | Yelp
    5 Reviews of Taco Bell "This Taco Bell is structurally sound and they didn't skimp
    on fire exits either. There are two fire exits, one being the primary entrance, and ...

  4. Taco Bell - East Side - Saint Paul, MN | Yelp
    4 Reviews of Taco Bell "I'm amending my last review, because this Taco Bell
    actually got a lot better since I wrote the last one. The service is (almost) always ...

  5. Taco Bell - Saint Paul, MN | Yelp
    1 Review of Taco Bell "Typical Taco Bell, used to have a Long John Silver's in
    house but that's gone now."

  6. Taco Bell - Battle Creek - Saint Paul, MN | Yelp
    2 Reviews of Taco Bell "I am obsessed with the cinnamon delights here! Always
    fast and friendly service too! Now they have amazing breakfast! Probably not ...

  7. Taco Bell - Saint Paul, MN | Yelp
    8 Reviews of Taco Bell "It's supposed to be slow service people. It's a crowded
    airport!!!! I can't believe the prices are non airports rates. They have a value menu

  8. Taco Bell - Woodbury, MN | Yelp
    3 Reviews of Taco Bell "Always good food . ... Scion D. St Paul, MN ... I know it is
    a Taco Bell I'm reviewing but I feel like when they are on top of their respective ...

  9. Taco Bell - Eagan, MN | Yelp
    2 Reviews of Taco Bell "Since they moved a couple buildings down, I noticed
    improved and ... If you like Taco Bell, you'll love this place. ... Danny F. St Paul,

  10. Boca Chica Taco House - West Side - Saint Paul, MN | Yelp
    26 Reviews of Boca Chica Taco House "It's a must stop place for when I'm on the
    west side! ... It's fresh pico de gallo and none of that liquidy Taco Bell crap. ... My
    husband and I went to church in West St Paul today, and he wanted to stop in ...



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