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Learn more about art and its history here.

Khan Academy's Smarthistory


Smarthistory.khanacademy.org is a free and open, not-for-profit, art history textbook. Part of the Khan Academy, Smarthistory uses multimedia to deliver unscripted conversations between art historians about the history of art.

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History


The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s timeline is a chronological, geographical, and thematic exploration of the history of art from around the world.



ArtBabble is a new kind of video site dedicated to art and artists. It offers high definition video that features content ranging from contemporary to classical art.

The Artist’s Toolkit


Explore the tools that artists use—like line, color, and balance—to build works of art.



Art21 is a nonprofit dedicated to engaging audiences with contemporary visual art, to inspiring creative thinking, and to educating a new generation about artists working today.



ArtsConnectEd is an interactive Web site that provides access to works of art and educational resources from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and Walker Art Center for K-12 educators, students, and scholars.

World Heritage Sites


The World Heritage List includes 936 properties forming part of the cultural and natural heritage which the World Heritage Committee considers as having outstanding universal value.

World Religions in Art


The diverse collections of The Minneapolis Institute of Arts include thousands of works of art that were made for worship or religious ritual. The works of art included here were selected because they illustrate the main theological concepts of the world's major religions. The texts attempt to provide concise overviews and are intended to serve as comparative teaching resources.

A History of the World in One Hundred Objects


This site uses objects to tell a history of the world. You'll find 100 objects from the British Museum and hundreds more from museums and people across the UK.

Renaissance Connection


Investigate Renaissance artworks in depth. Discover how past innovations inform life today. And more, all enhanced with quirky visuals, irreverent humor, and engaging interactivity that reveal the ways that Renaissance life and culture resembles our own.

NGA Classroom


NGA Classroom: The Elements of Art Introduces the basic elements of art (color, line, shape, form, and texture),...individual artists, and their methods of emphasizing the elements of art.

MoMA Learning


The Museum of Modern Art's learning site provides tools and resources for teachers, students and life long learners to engage with modern and contemporary art.

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