World Wonders Project

Bringing to life the wonders of the modern and ancient world


The World Wonders Project is a valuable resource for students and scholars who can now virtually discover some of the most famous sites on earth. The project offers an innovative way to teach history and geography to students of primary and secondary schools all over the world.

Feel free to download these educational packages for your classroom use.

Teacher guides

Primary school

Download guide (PDF ~350 KB)

Secondary school

Download guide (PDF ~350 KB)

Secondary school history topics

Hiroshima Peace Memorial

Second World War, beginning of the atomic era

Download pack (ZIP ~3.5 MB)

Pompei, Herculaneum and Torre Annunziata

How the Romans lived

Download pack (ZIP ~3.5 MB)

Liverpool – Maritime Mercantile City

Industrial revolution, international slave trade

Download pack (ZIP ~3.3 MB)

Palace of Versailles

Absolute monarchism, architecture and history of the Palace of Versailles

Download pack (ZIP ~3.9 MB)


Italian Renaissance

Download pack (ZIP ~3.4 MB)

Independence Hall

Liberty and the US declaration of independence

Download pack (ZIP ~4 MB)

Secondary school geography topics

Ogasawara Islands


Download pack (ZIP ~7 MB)

Dorset and East Devon Coast – Jurassic coast

Coastal landforms and settlements

Download pack (ZIP ~4 MB)

Paris, Banks of the Seine

Human geography, tourism

Download pack (ZIP ~6.9 MB)

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