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  1. Q10 - Ergo-Log
    ... 14.05.2014. Animal study: Q10 reduces psychological stress and may help
    against depression 05.05.2014. Co-enzyme Q10 versus heart failure 24.06.2013

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  2. Co-enzyme Q10 versus heart failure - Ergo-Log
    Jun 24, 2013 ... A high daily dose of the co-enzyme Q10 doubles the survival chances of people
    suffering from heart failure. The Danish cardiologist Svend ...

    www.ergo-log.com/co-enzyme-q10-versus-heart-failure.html - Cached - Similar
  3. Animal study: Q10 reduces psychological stress and may help ...
    May 5, 2014 ... High doses of Q10 can reduce the damage that serious psychological stress can
    cause to the body. Sawsan Aboul-Fotouh of Ain Shams ...

    www.ergo-log.com/q10-reduces-psychological-stress-may-help-against- depression.html - Cached - Similar
  4. Q10 raises endurance (a little) in human study - Ergo-Log
    Sep 16, 2010 ... Endurance athletes might be able to enhance their performance by taking 200
    mg of the co-enzyme Q10 two weeks before a competition.

    www.ergo-log.com/q10raisesendurance.html - Cached - Similar
  5. Q10 protects muscles against statins - Ergo-Log
    May 14, 2014 ... A Japanese animal study suggests that supplementation with the co-enzyme Q10
    can make a positive difference in these cases.

    www.ergo-log.com/q10-protects-muscles-against-statins.html - Cached - Similar
  6. Q10 boosts endurance by 40 percent in animal study - Ergo-log
    Aug 31, 2010 ... Q10 boosts endurance by 40 percent in animal study. Even if humans bear only a
    little resemblance to the mice that Swedish researchers at ...

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  7. Creatine-Q10 combination protects brain cells and lengthens ...
    Jul 15, 2011 ... If you extrapolate Cornell neurologists' animal study findings to humans, creatine
    and Q10 [structural formulas shown below] extend the life ...

    www.ergo-log.com/creatineq10combination.html - Cached - Similar
  8. Q10 combined with light exercise burns more fat - Ergo-Log
    May 31, 2009 ... After taking a capsule containing 30 mg of the co-enzyme Q10 your body
    spontaneously burns more fat. At least, if you combine it with light ...

    www.ergo-log.com/q10fat.html - Cached - Similar
  9. Q10 supplementation makes explosive movements a little faster
    Jun 20, 2013 ... You can boost your speed by taking 100 mg of the co-enzyme Q10 every day. To
    be more precise: your ability to perform fast and explosive ...

    www.ergo-log.com/q10-supplementation-explosive-movements-a-little-faster .html - Cached - Similar
  10. Co-enzyme Q10 protects muscles of martial arts athletes at training ...
    May 26, 2009 ... Serious students of the Japanese martial art Kendo are less likely to incur injuries
    during a training camp if they take the co-enzyme Q10, write ...

    www.ergo-log.com/q10muscle.html - Cached - Similar


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