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  1. Yet more reports of liver damage from Herbalife - Ergo-Log
    Dec 8, 2012 ... In 2007 liver doctors sounded the alarm about cases of liver damage in users of
    Herbalife products. [J Hepatol. 2007 Oct;47(4):521-6. ] ...

    www.ergo-log.com/more-reports-liver-damage-herbalife.html - Cached - Similar
  2. Liver damage & designer steroids: blame the manufacturer again
    Aug 18, 2013 ... Doctors continue to report cases of bodybuilders who've developed liver damage
    from taking designer steroids they've obtained underground.

    www.ergo-log.com/liver-damage-designer-steroids-blame-the-manufacturer- again.html - Cached - Similar
  3. Liver - Ergo-Log
    Feb 12, 2014 ... Liver. ... Chlorella protects liver against hepatitis-C virus 12.02.2014. Liver
    damage & designer steroids: blame the manufacturer again 18.08.

    www.ergo-log.com/liver.html - Cached - Similar
  4. More damaged livers from superdrol and madol - Ergo-Log
    Mar 14, 2009 ... Liver specialists at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit have reported another three
    cases of bodybuilders who developed liver damage as a ...

    www.ergo-log.com/designerliver.html - Cached - Similar
  5. 'Bacteria in Herbalife damages liver' - Ergo-Log
    Jul 31, 2009 ... 'Bacteria in Herbalife damages liver'. Two years ago liver doctors sounded the
    alarm about cases of liver damage in users of Herbalife products ...

    www.ergo-log.com/herbalife.html - Cached - Similar
  6. Boldenone may damage liver, says animal study - Ergo-Log
    Sep 10, 2011 ... Boldenone may damage liver, says animal study. According to the handbooks,
    boldenone is not dangerous for the liver. After all boldenone ...

    www.ergo-log.com/boldenoneliver.html - Cached - Similar
  7. Bodybuilder gets jaundice from creatine and protein supplements
    Oct 31, 2008 ... A healthy man of 27, a fanatical bodybuilder, developed liver damage and
    jaundice after using sports supplements containing creatine and ...

    www.ergo-log.com/jaundice.html - Cached - Similar
  8. Bodybuilder drugs his liver to oblivion twice - Ergo-Log
    Sep 3, 2008 ... The doctors do blood tests and discover that the man's liver is no longer ...
    Doctors have recorded damaged livers and destroyed kidneys in ...

    www.ergo-log.com/superdrolliver.html - Cached - Similar
  9. Underground injectable containing arsenic kills bodybuilder
    Mar 13, 2014 ... The doctors who saw the bodybuilder thought it was a classic case of liver failure.
    Because the man had used steroids they suspected that oral ...

    www.ergo-log.com/underground-injectable-containing-arsenic-kills- bodybuilder.html - Cached - Similar
  10. Chlorella protects liver against hepatitis-C virus - Ergo-Log
    Feb 12, 2014 ... The hepatitis virus multiplies in liver cells. The liver damage that results causes
    stomach pain, nausea and vomiting, decreased appetite, ...

    www.ergo-log.com/chlorella-protects-liver-against-hepatitis-c-virus.html - Cached - Similar


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