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  1. Why Are Avocados Avoid for Os?? - Print Topic - Archive
    Looked in the typebase and it just says 'avoid' under O secretor with no
    explanation. Do they contain a lectin or is it some other reason?

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  2. Avocado - the Blood Type Diet
    There are even tiny Fuerte cocktail avocados (also called AVOCADITOS) that are
    the size of a small GHERKIN and weigh about 1 ounce. Like many fruits ...

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  3. But....Avocados are my Favorite Food!!! - Print Topic - Archive
    Ugh!!! My most favorite food in the whole wide world is Avocados!!! :o And I have
    been eating half an avocado almost every day since my ...

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  4. Avocados | BTD Forums - the Blood Type Diet
    My question - why are avocados an avoid for O type blood? If I know the reason
    why a food is an avoid I am more likely to follow the rules and ...

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  5. Type O- olives and avocado | BTD Forums - the Blood Type Diet
    Avocados are beneficial is you're a non-secretor. I'm not sure why olives should
    be avoided when olive oil is beneficial for all types and ...

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  6. Avocados - an avoid or neutral for O secretor? | BTD Forums
    ... can taste the big difference)? And why does this point affect on avocados that
    usually haven't so much poisons (according to dirty dozen list

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  7. Avocados vs. Soy - Print Topic - Archive - the Blood Type Diet
    I was wondering if anyone has heard this phrase before: "you either love
    avocados & hate soy, or love soy & hate avocados. It was in reference ...

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  8. Avocados and BTD | BTD Forums - the Blood Type Diet
    I took the test online and am doing the BTD and it's working well. Someone
    brought me a bunch of beautiful avocados because they know how ...

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  9. Blood Type Diet Forums: Avocados/Coconut on a Raw Diet
    I am concerned, though, that for my blood type (O+) avocados and coconuts are
    listed as AVOID. For any of you familiar with the raw vegan diet, ...

    www.dadamo.com/forum/archive7/config.pl?read=35220 - Similar
  10. Blood Type Diet Forums: Re: avocados and type O
    There is a difference between FL and CA avocados. So, I'm going to do like Edna
    and try the FL avocados and see how my body responds.

    www.dadamo.com/forum/archive9/config.pl?read=55159 - Cached - Similar


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