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  1. Peter Suber, Open Access News
    Oct 19, 2009 ... EU meeting to draft recommendations on OA · Open Access Week 2009,
    Enabling Open Scholarship , October 18, 2009. ... Four members of ... - Cached
  2. Peter Suber, Open Access News
    Jun 15, 2009 ... Bernard Rentier has announced the launch of the web site for Enabling Open
    Scholarship (EOS). Read his announcement in French or ... - Cached
  3. INTERVIEW - Suber: Leader of a Leaderless Revolution
    Suber is also a senior researcher at SPARC and a member of the Board of
    Enabling Open Scholarship. He also serves as OA project director at Public ... - Cached
  4. 开放获取概述(Open Access Overview)
    Enabling Open Scholarship (EOS). From a group of European research
    institutions led by the University de Lige. . (Mis)Leading Open Access Myths. - Cached


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