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  1. on SCOAP 3
    Apr 8, 2008 ... Based at CERN, SCOAP3 is an open access (OA) publishing initiative of a new
    and different sort—one that is largely non-disruptive to both ... - Cached
  2. SCOAP3 FAQ for US libraries
    Dec 9, 2007 ... SCOAP3 is the Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle
    Physics (see [this] for more info). It is a mechanism for a field of ... - Cached
  3. LANL joins SCOAP3
    Dec 14, 2007 ... LANL Research Library joins Open Access consortium for particle physics
    publishing--SCOAP3, a press release from the Los Alamos National ... - Cached
  4. OhioLink joins SCOAP 3 - Earlham College
    Mar 26, 2008 ... Tom Sanville, Executive director of OhioLINK said: "SCOAP3, if successful, offers
    what we would like to all see with Open Access journals - at ... - Cached
  5. Johns Hopkins may join SCOAP 3
    Mar 19, 2008 ... In 10 days, 16 U.S. institutes have signed an Expression of Interest in joining
    SCOAP3, pledging a total of more than 10% of the U.S. ... - Cached
  6. Notes on the SCOAP3 US Focal Meeting
    Mar 1, 2008 ... Peter Brantley has blogged some notes on the SCOAP3 US Focal ... to actively
    get involved in the scoap3 initiative to assure its success. - Cached
  7. Roadmap for CERN's SCOAP3 project
    Jun 20, 2007 ... A Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics (
    SCOAP3) is proposed as a central body which would remunerate ... - Cached
  8. Peter Suber, Open Access News
    Mar 22, 2008 ... SCOAP3, the Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle
    Physics, is an effort to convert to open access a core set of ... - Cached
  9. More on CERN's SCOAP3 plan in high energy physics
    Oct 27, 2007 ... Over the last 15 years the high-energy physics (HEP) community has achieved
    what is known as full green open access. This means that there ... - Cached
  10. Peter Suber, Open Access News
    Jun 11, 2007 ... Richard Akerman has blogged some notes on Rüdiger Voss' talk earlier today on
    CERN's SCOAP3 initiative at the IATUL 2007 meeting Global ... - Cached
  11. More on flipping TA journals to OA
    Jun 24, 2008 ... SCOAP3 is an experimental implementation of a pre-emptive Rowsean flip, but it
    is local, and in a unique field (particle physics) that already ... - Cached
  12. The OA tsunami
    Apr 15, 2008 ... ... bit in 2007, with CERN's SCOAP3 project attracting the most attention. ... Open
    Access Newsletter (11/2/07) found that 427 societies publish ... - Cached
  13. Peter Suber, Open Access News
    Nov 4, 2006 ... ... consortium for Open Access publishing in particle physics, SCOAP3 [
    Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics]. - Cached
  14. INTERVIEW - Suber: Leader of a Leaderless Revolution
    “It seems to me that his SPARC newsletter has for some time been the flagship
    ..... Publishing in Particle Physics ( SCOAP3) entered its implementation phase, ... - Cached
  15. A European model for OA publishing
    Apr 7, 2008 ... Covered initiatives include BMC, Sage-Hindawi, Springer, SCOAP3, Science
    Commons OA law program, DRIVER, PARSE, PEER, NEEO and ... - Cached
  16. Peter Suber, Open Access News
    Jan 14, 2008 ... A central fund for an institute, or a whole field (as with SCOAP3), or even
    sponsorship would be a more likely way to achieve sustainable open ... - Cached
  17. Growth of OA during 2007
    Dec 12, 2007 ... In open access publishing, the initiative to watch will be SCOAP3, an attempt ... in
    2008, see Peter Suber's December Open Access Newsletter. - Cached
  18. Peter Suber, Open Access News
    Dec 8, 2007 ... ... note: Peter Murray-Rust on Open Data, Ilaria Capua's tale of her own “access”
    issues and Salvatore Mele on CERN's new project, SCOAP3. - Cached
  19. On OA for orphan books
    Mar 14, 2008 ... [Funding] arrangements, such as those pursued by the high-energy physics
    community's SCOAP3 journals project, might also be feasible, ... - Cached
  20. Peter Suber, Open Access News
    Dec 16, 2007 ... (Rather, the publishers themselves seem to be adopting Gold OA in these areas:
    SCOAP3.) (3) The OA citation impact advantage is not about ... - Cached

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