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  1. FAQs About Goldfish Disease/Health 17 - Wet Web Media
    Mine will suck up a bunch of substrate, roll it around their mouth looking for food,
    and spit ...... Quite suddenly my goldfish is swimming with his mouth wide open.

    www.wetwebmedia.com/fwsubwebindex/gldfshdisfaq17.htm - Cached - Similar
  2. FAQs About Goldfish Disease/Health 35 - Wet Web Media
    Kind regards, Tezzie <I do hope your goldfish spontaneously remits... Bob
    Fenner>. Re: Oranda unable to open mouth 10/2/07 Thanks for your reply Bob.

    www.wetwebmedia.com/fwsubwebindex/gfdis35.htm - Cached - Similar
  3. FAQs About Goldfish Disease/Health 38 - Wet Web Media
    Goldfish seems ok? We have treated it with a parasite solution. My other fish
    doesn't seem to be able to open its mouth? really hope you can help mairi <Do ...

    www.wetwebmedia.com/fwsubwebindex/gfdisf38.htm - Cached - Similar
  4. FAQs About Goldfish Disease/Health 29 - Wet Web Media
    Goldfish w/lockjaw 3/23/07 Hi, <Hello> I have read about goldfish with their
    mouths stuck open and feeding difficulties. We would like to check for rocks but ...

    www.wetwebmedia.com/fwsubwebindex/gfdisfaq29.htm - Cached - Similar
  5. FAQs About Goldfish Disease/Health 13 - Wet Web Media
    Goldfish Nutritional Disease, Mouth Damage - 10/17/2005 I have a 7 year ...
    Three weeks ago, I noticed he started breathing harder with his mouth always

    www.wetwebmedia.com/fwsubwebindex/gldfishdisfaq13.htm - Cached - Similar
  6. FAQs About Goldfish Disease/Health 15 - Wet Web Media
    FAQs About Goldfish Disease/Health 15 ...... Re: goldfish not opening its mouth
    11/10/05 I was able to get the mouth open with a toothpick, but when I let the fish

    www.wetwebmedia.com/fwsubwebindex/gldfshdisfaq15.htm - Cached - Similar
  7. FAQs on Environmental Pondfish Disease, Diagnosis
    I have a Sarasa comet goldfish, Goldie, who started behaving very strangely
    today. He is at the top of the pond, opening and closing his mouth, but is still ...

    www.wetwebmedia.com/PondSubWebIndex/pdenvdisdiagf.htm - Cached - Similar
  8. FAQs About Goldfish Behavior 2 - Wet Web Media
    Now however, my calico goldfish is just laying on the bottom of the tank looking
    spaced out and opening and closing his mouth the other fish is still hanging out).

    www.wetwebmedia.com/fwsubwebindex/gldfshbehfaq2.htm - Cached - Similar
  9. FAQs About Goldfish Behavior 1 - Wet Web Media
    Goldfish produce massive amounts of waste, and that waste builds up fast in a
    tiny ...... The mouth opening is very small and the breathing seems a little labored.

    www.wetwebmedia.com/fwsubwebindex/gldfshbehfaqs.htm - Cached - Similar
  10. FAQs About Goldfish Disease/Health 19 - Wet Web Media
    FAQs About Goldfish Disease/Health 19 .... Open the window near the tank? .....
    are a little irritated, and it tends to open and close its mouth almost constantly.

    www.wetwebmedia.com/fwsubwebindex/gldfshdisfaq19.htm - Cached - Similar


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