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  1. pig bone graft in implants, lectin? | BTD Forums
    Does anyone know if the small amount of powdered pig bone that is used in a
    bone graft for a dental implant will have the same effect on the ...

    www.dadamo.com/cgi-bin/Blah/Blah.pl?b-encloplib/m... - Cached - Similar
  2. Implants! - Eat Right For Your Blood Type
    Aug 12, 2004 ... Implants! Not THAT kind! I have spent many, many hours in the dental chair, and
    it's never fun. Today I finally had a checkup (it's been too long) ...

    www.dadamo.com/B2blogs/blogs/index.php/2004/08/.../implants?... - Cached - Similar
  3. Dental Implant Discussion | BTD Forums
    I'm seriously considering having my one root canal tooth removed and replaced
    by a dental implant. It's a big decision and I would appreciate ...

    www.dadamo.com/cgi-bin/Blah/Blah.pl?b-encloplib/m... - Cached - Similar
  4. B's and Implants | BTD Forums - Eat Right For Your Blood Type
    I have had dental implants for over 10 years and I am not aware of any problems
    they have created. I'll see my dentist this week and ask what ...

    www.dadamo.com/cgi-bin/Blah/Blah.pl?b-lr4yt/m-1269957226/ - Similar
  5. Teeth caps money bridges money implants money pain | BTD Forums
    so they put in 4 implants and there is the issue : The looked ok as soon as they
    put them in.. but the tooth enamel the white part now is at least ...

    www.dadamo.com/cgi-bin/Blah/Blah.pl?b-nonnie/m... - Cached - Similar
  6. B's and Implants | BTD Forums - Eat Right For Your Blood Type
    titanium-based dental implants. These medical problems included muscle, joint,
    and nerve pain; chronic fatigue syndrome; neurological ...

    www.dadamo.com/cgi-bin/Blah/Blah.pl?b-lr4yt/m.../s-25/ - Cached - Similar
  7. Many Breast Implants Rupture After 10 Years
    Jan 7, 2004 ... JOURNAL: Archives of Surgery 2003. AUTHORS: Dr. Lisbet R. Holmich
    ABSTRACT: At least 15% of silicone breast implants will rupture within ...

    www.dadamo.com/.../many-breast-implants-rupture-after-10-ye - Cached - Similar
  8. Antibiotics and Polyflora - Print Topic - Archive
    I had to take an antibiotic for a tooth implant this past week-- I was dreading it
    knowing that my gut garden would be damaged by it-- I took it for ...

    www.dadamo.com/cgi-bin/Blah/Blah.pl?v-print/m-1373457254/ - Cached - Similar
  9. Help!!! Fracture front tooth at base - Print Topic - Archive
    I know root canals are bad news, how about implants, or whatever else? Also,
    what supps should I be giving myself ... I am thinking Proberry to ...

    www.dadamo.com/cgi-bin/Blah/Blah.pl?v-print/m-1393467692/ - Cached - Similar
  10. Giving blood with metal in body. - Print Topic - Archive
    Since they take blood from people with amalgam fillings and teeth implants I
    would assume they take blood from people with metal rods in them ...

    www.dadamo.com/cgi-bin/Blah/Blah.pl?v-print/m-1328016796/ - Cached - Similar


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