Diversity & Inclusion at Google

We work hard to bring attention to diversity and inclusion in everything we do not only because it makes sense, but because it’s the right thing to do. From our top talent programs in Europe, to our LGBT efforts in Latin America, to our professional development programs for Women and Blacks in North America, to our Women Entrepreneurs on the Web work in Asia, we aspire to be a workplace that works for everyone, in every country, and in every culture in which we operate.

Our Googlers, our culture, and our products

Googlers from all over the world work here to do cool things that matter. Every background, unique experience, and perspective brought by Googlers help us create our unique culture and bring fresh approaches to creating and using our products.

Want to do cool stuff that matters?

Whether building products, growing businesses or helping to keep Google going, we do cool stuff that matters. Visit our careers site to learn more about working at Google.

Google Diversity & Inclusion annual report

Learn more in the Google Diversity & Inclusion Annual Report (2011).