Expand the Pool of Technologists

We're inspiring young people not just to use technology, but to create it.

Our efforts include:

Commissioning research to get to the root of the problem

To change the face of the tech industry, we need more women and minorities studying computer science. But today, women make up just 18% of computer science (CS) degrees, down from 37% twenty years ago. To understand why, we commissioned a study to identify the primary drivers that motivate young women to pursue computer science. Following this research, we’re crafting strategies to change perception of CS and make it more accessible to all students.

Influencing perceptions about computer science

Our study shows that career perception is an important factor that influences girls to study CS. Kids can't be what they can't see: minorities are underrepresented on screen and television often does not portray computer scientists in a positive light. So we're partnering with content creators and media influencers to insert more diverse portrayals of CS into their content, and to use bias busting strategies when making creative and business decisions. Watch this news segment about our work: goo.gl/zQqfXg.

Getting more girls to code

Coding carries the power to quite literally change the world. But surprisingly few girls (<1% of high school girls) are interested in pursuing CS in college. How can we bridge this gap? Made with Code is an initiative designed to inspire millions of girls to experience the power of code. Visit the Made with Code site for resources and projects for kids to learn how to code, community discussions, and information on regional events.

Increasing K-12 access and exposure

Every day, 15 million kids leave school with nowhere to go and in the summer, an alarming 43 million kids go without access to critical summer learning programs. Google launched CS First to help increase student access and exposure to CS education through after-school, in-school, and summer programs. Anyone-- a teacher, coach, or community volunteer-- can teach kids the basics of coding using the instructional videos and lesson plans we provide. Learn more at cs-first.com.

Investing in promising students through scholarships

As part of our commitment to advancing computing and technology at all levels, we want to encourage more students who demonstrate a passion for CS to pursue careers in the field. That’s why we offer a variety of scholarships for students of color, women, students with disabilities, and veterans. Visit our scholarships site to learn more.

Supporting organizations working to expand the pool of technologists

The RISE Awards provide funding ($1.5 million in 2015), year-round support, and partnership opportunities to organizations around the world that expose girls and underrepresented students to extracurricular computer science programs. Visit the RISE Awards site for more information and a list of this year's grant recipients.

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