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  • Daydream Believer

    Daydream Believer

    Madison Gonsalves, Santan Elementary School , AZ

    Daydreaming in my bedroom on a bright, sunny day inspires me. I love to draw and create. When I'm not drawing, I'm writing programs on my computer to make pictures. Pictures of animals, plants, space, and my toys are a few favorites of mine. This is what makes me, me.


  • Google Tool Time

    Google Tool Time

    Landen Slater, Westside Elementary, FL

    My drawing shows how my Papa uses tools. He does carpentry, working with wood and tools. I go with him and help him when he works. I am learning how to build things just like him. Tools are now part of my life.


  • Being myself is so fun

    Being myself is so fun

    Shalini Chandupatla, Hopewell Elementary, IA

    I love reading books. I feel music is fantastic. It is so much fun to play with my little sister. I would like to be a good writer and an excellent artist. Helping nature and helping others really makes me "ME".


  • Animal Kingdom

    Animal Kingdom

    Amelia Sanders, Thomas Dooley School, IL

    I love animals. I read books and watch TV shows about animals all the time. All animals have different powers. Even the small animals can surprise the big ones. I want to be a cute, smart, tough, and a brave girl like my favorite animals!


  • Happiness, you and me

    Happiness, you and me

    Ashley Han, Logan Elementary School, MI

    I'm a fan of tea. I choose to symbolize myself with a teapot. The tea steam represents my happiness, love and care. It influences my family, friends and the entire community. The tea steam travels from place to place, eventually, my happiness, love and care will pass to the whole world.


  • "Now Playing"

    "Now Playing"

    Hannah Schneible, Russia Local School, OH

    I imagine my silly, music-making, star gazing, guitar strumming self singing beneath the trees in the Blue Ridge Mountains where I was born. My life is a stage and my big family is my audience.


  • Undiscovered Googlesaurus

    Undiscovered Googlesaurus

    Nathan Nevarez, St Philomena School, RI

    I love dinos with spikes and sharp teeth. One day I will become a paleontologist and share my findings with all the kids in the world.


  • Google Pet Rescue

    Google Pet Rescue

    Aidan McRorie, Dayton City School, TN

    I love animals. Some day, I hope to own a pet shelter for all types of animals. Not all animals would live in a house, so my shelter would give wild animals food and a safe place to grow. Helping animals to find a home is what makes!


  • Crazy Love

    Crazy Love

    Mia Portillo, Tippin Elementary, TX

    I love cats. They are adorable and cuddly. The problem is that I am allergic to them but this doesn't change the way I feel about cats. That's what makes me me. In my drawing I included the cat I would get if I wasn't allergic to them.


  • My Self Portrait

    My Self Portrait

    Preston Sakata, Herndon Elementary School, VA

    I wanted to represent my Japanese heritage, so I made a self portrait out of paper cranes. The Japanese refer to the crane as the "bird of happiness". I also used watercolor paints for the earth and sky.


  • I wish I were a reptile!

    I wish I were a reptile!

    Lucas Schild, Grace Christian, AK

    I love all reptiles! Geckos, Ornate tortoises and sea turtles, green tree snakes, Iguana lizards and the eastern Diamondback are all fantastic and amazing. I love to learn, draw, and find them in the world. They are mysterious.


  • Delgado Delights

    Delgado Delights

    Isaac Delgado, Homeschooled, AL

    Photography, learning, science, and animals are what I love. My personality traits are fragile, like a crystal, sweet, like sugar, and easy going like a river. The crystallized letters for the word Google were made from sugar water and food coloring.


  • Tech Makes Me Me

    Tech Makes Me Me

    Micah Linton-Smith, Island Avenue School, CT

    Technology makes me me because it makes me feel like I can do anything. You can animate, play games, learn new things, and create new things. Technology is a big part of my life because my dad works with tech and I've always thought what he does was really cool.


  • A Day With My Dreams!!!

    A Day With My Dreams!!!

    Ruth Montecillo, Waipahu Elementary School, HI

    This exclusive, adventurous, and fun Google sign tells how my future would be from the Jungle to the Ocean!!


  • Pizza Party

    Pizza Party

    Ana Lyons, Lake Harbor Middle School, LA

    My Mom sometimes says I am very slow like a turtle when I don't want to do something. And the Ninja Turtles like pizza. So I used pizza in my doodle because of the Ninja Turtles, and just because I LOVE pizza!


  • Serendipity


    Karin Zimba, Albert S. Hall School, ME

    I'm a collector of things I've made, objects I've found, gifts I've received, a token from a memorable day. I like to discover how each object relates to one another and arrange them harmoniously. Collecting reminds me of how we are connected to each other in our own unique way.


  • My Passion for Music and Technology Makes Me...Me

    My Passion for Music and Technology Makes Me...Me

    Giovanni Allosso, Homeschooled, MN

    There's a never-ending soundtrack in my head. Even as I write this, I'm humming a tune. I'm a musician, gamer, and good with technology. I play violin, piano and compose electronic music. My doodle is a photo collage of things I love to do.


  • Creativity


    Kataleena Bandasack, Barnes Elementary, OK

    For the "G" I did a cat because I love cats. The "O's" I did glasses because I love to read. The "g" I made it hot glue because I'm crafty. The "l" is a pencil because drawing is my passion. And "e" is colored pencils because I love to color.


  • Nature Walk at D.A.R Park

    Nature Walk at D.A.R Park

    Louis Provencher, Champlain Valley Christian School, VT

    I love taking walks in the DAR Park and these are some things from DAR Park.


  • Part of Me

    Part of Me

    Daisy Maynard, Southridge, WY

    The eagle is for American, the volleyball is for my favorite sport, the buffalo is for Wyoming where I was born, the daisy represents my name, the L represents Tae Kwon Doe and the E means art.


  • My Love for Sports

    My Love for Sports

    Ian Otten, Marist School, GA

    What makes is my love for sports. Whether I'm on the fields, or in the stands, or just on my couch watching. I've played sports ever since I can remember and it's always been a huge part of my life.


  • The Magic of Reading

    The Magic of Reading

    Hannah Rosen, Homeschooled, IN

    Reading and drawing take me to fantastic worlds, and they make me...ME!


  • Owls be Chillin'

    Owls be Chillin'

    Anjali Pulim, Clarksville Middle School, MD

    One of my favorite hobbies is sculpting mini-figures out of polymer clay. The owl is one of my favorite animals because they symbolize intelligence, and I also love creating witty little cartoons. I go about my day imagining every little humorous event like a comic. These things make me, me!


  • Talents


    Erin Jun, Community House Middle School, NC

    I chose to draw these things because they represent who I want to be. I want to be a successful person with many amazing talents.


  • My Favorite Things

    My Favorite Things

    Abby Gilreath, Russell Middle School, NE

    I chose these pictures to reflect the activities I enjoy in my life. My favorite activities include softball, biking, violin, dancing and drawing. Participating in Doodle 4 Google is my favorite contest, every year it inspires me to create!


  • Designer Doodle

    Designer Doodle

    Hannah Jeong, Oyster River Middle School, NH

    I chose the theme of fashion to describe myself because I want to be a fashion designer when I grow up. I gave each character a word and personality that is part of who I am. I also included different styles and materials I like to do.


  • My World

    My World

    Sofia Legisima, Challenger School, NV

    When I think about what makes me, me, I think of my talents and things I like to do. I love geography and languages. I enjoy performing either acting or singing, and I love to draw. I drew how all of this is part of me.


  • Google Wood Bookcase

    Google Wood Bookcase

    Jocelyn Valentin, Pocono Mountain East Junior High, PA

    For something that makes me, me is reading. I've created colorful bookcases out of wood, with books I have read in it. I loved books since I was a baby. Now I can't stop reading. I love to read anything. Fiction, non-fiction, mysteries, fantasies, anything. In the bookcases I put all the types of books I've read in the years. I would love everyone in the world to feel the happiness, the excitement, and the thrill of reading like I do when I read because I know not everyone in the world has the opportunity to feel what I feel when I read. Reading is what makes me, me.


  • The blooming of Google

    The blooming of Google

    Andrea Nicole Morales-Suarez, MAS Integrated School MASIS, PR

    One thing I can describe myself and my drawing with is flowers. I always love to doodle flowers in my notebook and I used some in my drawing. I also used peacock feathers because its one of my favorite birds and combines with my flowers. My favorite is the rose because it is the one that is most like me.


  • Inside of me

    Inside of me

    Kalo Jo, Freedom Prep Academy, UT

    Sometime people judge me by my looks, but I believe I have great potential, abilities, talent, and a lot more interests. More than I look like I have.


  • Art and Animals

    Art and Animals

    Julia Huff, Leawood Middle School, KS

    My doodle represents my love for art and the creative process, as well as my love for animals. My doodle is also quite literal as I enjoy painting and drawing with my cat.


  • Tea with Google

    Tea with Google

    Mackenzie Campbell, Pea Ridge Middle School, AR

    So I decided make my doodle out of baking clay. There are many things that represent things I like. The horseshoe represents my love for horses. The tea set represents my love for tea and so on.


  • Asian Culture

    Asian Culture

    Christina Wu, Monta Vista High School, CA

    I am an individual who is fascinated by Asian culture. Whether it's the food, the architecture, or the traditions, I feel drawn to them, especially a hot bowl of noodle soup.


  • Pachanga (celebration)

    Pachanga (celebration)

    Bonita Rael, Rocky Ford Jr/Sr High School , CO

    Some qualities that make me me is my beautiful culture. As part of the Hispanic society, I feel I should empower the Mexican community through artistic ability. Pursuing an artistic career is a lifelong goal of mine. I hope to express how stunning and colorful our culture is. This piece was drawn digitally.


  • Fifteen Years of Me

    Fifteen Years of Me

    Srivasudha Jayanthi, Concord High School, DE

    My Doodle represents the composition of my life. It depicts my hobbies, ambitions, and achievements, which all come together to make up who I am.


  • Dreams of Wolves

    Dreams of Wolves

    Melanie Ann Korsgaard, Mountain View High School, ID

    I have always been fascinated by wolves. They protect and love their pack mates. Feathers are also beautiful, and can be used for many kinds of art. Dream catchers are just amazing; dreams are my inspiration for art.


  • My World, My Dream, My Life

    My World, My Dream, My Life

    Theodore Trubenko, Gibbons Middle School, MA

    Exploration, exploring the world unknown in search of knowledge. Dreams, dreaming about worlds beyond human limitation. Hopes, hoping for a better world for all. Personality, let myself be free to be who I am. Creativity, let my ideas loose. Lastly, diversity, my unique physical characteristics that makes me me.


  • Past Connections

    Past Connections

    Hannah Quinn, Red River High School, ND

    Antiques really speak to me and I love everything about them. The amazing smells and the uniqueness of each old piece connect me to the past.


  • The World in a Jar

    The World in a Jar

    Lauren Allex, Bio Technology High School, NJ

    Animals and plants have always fascinated me. Ever since I was a child I've collected bugs and plants (mostly weeds that I thought looked nice!), googling how to care for them. If anyone ever finds a jar with a bug in it around the house, they instantly know it's me!


  • Colors of my Island

    Colors of my Island

    Ona Gartz, Los Alamos Middle School, NM

    This doodle was driven by my heritage. It's about the friendly island of Tonga where I was born and raised until I was three. Most of my family plus my mom is from there, along with most of my exciting memories.


  • My Identity

    My Identity

    Yerke Abuova, Professional Children's School, NY

    My illustration incorporates the Google logo into all of the things that contribute to to my identity, such as painting, drawing, my nationality, my favorite foods, my fears, and all of the other aspects of my personality that make me, me.


  • Silhouette


    Holly Halberg, Battle Ground High School, WA

    I live in the Pacific Northwest (umbrella). I have a little sister that is a main part of my life (little girl). I also enjoy reading + photography.


  • Google in my Afrocentric Life

    Google in my Afrocentric Life

    Akilah Johnson, Eastern Senior High School, DC

    My Afrocentric Google is drawn as a box braid, with my personal characteristics surrounding it. I based this picture off my lifestyle and what has made me into what I am today.


  • The China within Me

    The China within Me

    Linda Zheng, Harvest Christian Academy, GU

    As you can see on my drawing that I went with a Chinese themed Google. I'm a Chinese girl born and raised in an American territory. I chose to draw a Chinese themed Google because it reminds me of my culture.


  • My Creative Rift

    My Creative Rift

    Anh Le, Maryville High School, MO

    What makes is my passion for linking reality with the world of imagination through my artwork. The doodle illustrates me creating a portal that brings my crazy imagination and creativity to the dimension of reality.


  • What do drawing, writing, running, and living in Mississippi have in common?

    What do drawing, writing, running, and living in Mississippi have in common?

    Marie Konopacki, Hancock High School, MS

    They define ME! From residing in a rapidly advancing state to running all around it, I am constructed by my background and actions, just as my stories are crafted by words and color!


  • My Family

    My Family

    Jessica Novak, Hellgate High School, MT

    Something that makes me me is my family. They affect every decision that I make and encourage me to be the best I can be. They help me grow as a person and as an artist with words of encouragement and advice.


  • Digital Me

    Digital Me

    Bailey Volchok, Westview High School, OR

    I'm passionate about drawing and expressing my thoughts and imagination through illustration. With technology and social media at my fingertips, my reach extends around the world. If as an illustrator or animator I can motivate and encourage people through art, then the me, that makes me ME, will succeed.


  • Calculus Amusement Park

    Calculus Amusement Park

    Maggie Cook-Allen, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, KY

    This fits the theme "what makes me me" because I see math as a very fun thing. I am also an avid artist. This design shows both sides of me.


  • My Google View

    My Google View

    Khalil Lake, Emerald High School, SC

    As a student with multiple disabilities, Google looks a little differently to me. But it allows me to see things I might otherwise be unable to.


  • Depicting Myself

    Depicting Myself

    Tasha Determan, Hanson High School, SD

    I can't depict my true self, but I can try. I grew up on a poultry farm. From there I've grown as a plant does. Time dominates my schedule. My unique personality defines me. I am an indie rock music lover and an artist who loves science. I am me.


  • Forest of Thought

    Forest of Thought

    Julianne Griepp, James Madison Memorial HS, WI

    Ever since I was little, I always loved nature and the stories it inspires, and it has greatly influenced my art. I wanted my doodle to reflect this love, because I feel it is a huge part of "What makes"


  • Telling Tall Tales

    Telling Tall Tales

    Ashton Lear, Homeschooled, WV

    What makes me, "me" is my love of telling stories. This doodle shows me (on "o") telling my siblings (on "g") a story, brought to life around us. Because I love writing, reading, and drawing, I created this from paper and "Google" is cut out of a story I wrote.