Albert Szent-Gyorgyi's 118th Birthday

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Sep 16, 2011

To say thanks to the scientist responsible for discovering Vitamin-C, I thought it’d be fun to not only rebrand our logo with a few replaced or redrawn letters, but to rebrand Google the Company, right down to our core product, so to speak. In this case, Google became the distributor of all foods and herbs rich in Vitamin-C content!

Here are a few concept sketches that is very typical of our process when trying to find just the right idea.
The initial concept, which the team all agreed was the way to go.

A simple overhead shot of all the produce. However, the idea didn't feel all that – well – fresh.

Crates seemed fun, but it became less about the food and more about the crates.

Eventually, I went with the first concept to make it look like the label you might find on a wooden crate or the side of a produce truck. The most enjoyable part of this doodle? The amount of fresh OJ and grapefruit juice I drank as I dove into the... research.

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