Earth Day 2011

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Apr 22, 2011

Truly a team effort for a global celebration, this year's Earth Day doodle started with a desire to depict different environments around the world. Starting with Asia, the doodle walks users through Africa, Antarctica, Australia, and America. Having laid down the overall composition, I turned to my teammates to determine what should happen in this nature-packed doodle. We all huddled in a room and brainstormed various cute interactions, internet memes, and nature jokes that could fit into each region. When users hover over various parts of the doodle, they may catch a salmon swimming up stream, parrots darting through the sky, a frog leaping across the grass, a bear having a snack, a koala performing gymnastics, a sleepy lion, butterflies rustling trees, a penguin sliding down an iceberg, and a sneezing baby panda.

posted by Jennifer Hom

Location: Global

Tags: greenery, National Holiday, penguins, animals, stream, trees, salmon, frog, water, Animation, lions, bear, waterfall, parrots, bamboo, ice, pandas, koala, Interactive