Robert Noyce's 84th Birthday

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Dec 12, 2011

Having earned the nickname "The Mayor of Silicon Valley," it is no wonder why we had to honor Robert Noyce with a Google doodle. He was responsible for the invention of the early microchips and laid the ground work for all the innovative companies to spring from the Bay Area (including Google!)

I knew that I had to celebrate his birthday in a geeky but accurate way-- the problem was that, as I sat down to draw, I realized I had no idea how motherboards and microchips differ. The following are the results of my uninformed impressions of technology:

It wasn't until I visited our own hardware lab at Google and spoke with Noyce's wife, Ann, that I began to understand what I was trying to draw. With their help I was able to both identify a microchip and honor Noyce accurately!

Posted by Jennifer Hom

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