Thanksgiving 2011

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Nov 24, 2011

See the interactive version here!

We wanted to make the Thanksgiving doodle fresh and fun this year. After brainstorming and sketching up numerous ideas, we landed on the ever popular and nostalgic hand turkey! Who doesn't remember how fun it was to get messy in our wee years of school? We wanted to reminisce and share these memories (and make new ones) with all of our users. We felt treating the homepage as a refrigerator for all to see and share their quirky, cooky works of art was the way to go :)

Creating the easter eggs was a blast. We wanted it to be completely random. A disco turkey? Yup. A football fanatic turkey? Of course. An astronaut turkey? Why not. A tofu turkey? Yes please. This is how we roll here at Google... we’re very diverse like the hidden easter eggs in our Thanksgiving doodle. We hope all of our users have a blast creating their own unique turkeys. Happy creating and Happy Thanksgiving!

An early concept incorporating materials and supplies needed to create a hand turkey.

An iteration of the final idea... putting it up on the 'fridge' homepage was simpler and clearer.

posted by Willie Real

Location: United States

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