Build engaging, relevant, cross-screen creative with ease

One-stop shop for beautiful rich media production

One-stop shop for beautiful rich media production

DoubleClick Creative Solutions help you build engaging, relevant in-page, in-app and in-stream rich media creative that can run across screens.

Build your ads using our DoubleClick components or API in Adobe Flash, Google Web Designer, or Adobe Edge Animate, or use our gallery of Studio Layouts to quickly create ads with your existing assets.

Then upload, manage, preview, test and publish your ads all from within DoubleClick Studio’s online interface. Because Studio is part of the DoubleClick Digital Marketing platform, you can hand off your finished creative to your media agency with the simple click of a button, and it’s ready to be served through DoubleClick Campaign Manager or DoubleClick for Publishers.

Efficient production

Efficient production

DoubleClick Studio lets you build and manage your rich media ads easily. Use Studio Flash components, Studio Layouts, Google Web Designer or any other ad authoring tool of your choice and create ads that are ready to be served through DoubleClick Campaign Manager right off the bat. Upload, preview and publish your ads to DoubleClick Campaign Manager or DFP all within a single interface.

Innovative creative

Innovative creative

Build innovative rich media ads using our Rich Media Gallery of formats and features, including the latest IAB rising star units, YouTube mastheads, Channel Connect, interactive in-stream, and lightbox ads. Or, use our API to create your own innovative units from scratch.

Integrated platform

Integrated platform

Because DoubleClick Studio is part of the DoubleClick Digital Marketing platform, you can easily hand off your finished creative to your media agencies by publishing to DoubleClick Campaign Manager or DoubleClick for Publishers. Incorporate all the rich media engagement metrics into your ads so you can prove to your clients that your ads also drive their business.

Build HTML5 ads that can run across all screens

Build HTML5 ads that can run across all screens

As consumers continue to flock to smartphones and tablets, building ads in HTML5 has become imperative. Because mobile devices don’t accept Flash ads, HTML5 ads are the mechanism by which creative developers and designers can deliver engaging and interactive brand experiences on mobile screens. Further, because HTML5 also works on most newer desktop browsers, by building ads in HTML5, creatives can build an ad once, and run it across all screens.

With DoubleClick Studio, you can build your HTML5 ads with any authoring tool you desire, (though Studio is most tightly integrated with Google Web Designer). Then, easily manage your mobile ads with a mobile-centric workflow and know that your mobile rich media ads will be able to run anywhere.

HTML5 authoring made easy

Studio HTML5 Enabler

DoubleClick Studio components now include an HTML5 Enabler, allowing developers who are used to developing in flash to apply much of the same functionality in HTML5. Write your HTML code in any editor you desire, and leverage the same power that the Studio Enabler brings.

Integrated with Google Web Designer

DoubleClick Studio is tightly integrated with Google Web Designer, a free, professional-grade HTML5 authoring tool. Illustration tools and drag-and-drop components let you create engaging HTML5 ads with all the DoubleClick serving and tracking tags built it, no coding required. More experienced developers can switch to the code view and edit the code directly for more granular control of the design. Once you hit publish in the tool, the ads are ready to be previewed and published in DoubleClick Studio.

HTML5 Studio Layouts

Quickly create HTML5 ads, using the same assets you’re already using for your flash ads. Select an HTML5 layout, customize the fonts and formats, then preview and publish. Because Studio Layouts already have all the DoubleClick metrics built in, they’re much less likely to break, so they’ll get through QA faster.

Integration with Adobe Edge Animate

You can install a variety of DoubleClick Studio templates into Adobe Edge Animate and use them as a starting point to build DoubleClick Rich Media creative. Creatives built with these templates will work seamlessly when uploaded to Studio. They’ll also include the Studio enabler, and will automatically “polite-load,” which is important due to the larger files sizes generally seen with HTML5.

A mobile-centered workflow

HTML5 video player

Add DoubleClick Studio’s HTML5 video player to your mobile rich media ads and ensure that the video assets will play correctly on all browsers and operating systems. With this video player, developers no longer have to tailor the video player in the ads to every browser and OS.

Responsive design support

Responsive design support enables your ads to recognize the screen size they are on and resize themselves automatically to fit that screen. Expand-to-full-screen is one example of a way that ads can resize themselves to fit each screen.

Relative paths support

Upload your HTML5 creative to DoubleClick Studio and maintain the nested folder system you use to house your creative assets.

Custom fonts uploads

Upload the actual fonts (not the static images) you used to build your HTML5 creatives into Studio and improve your workflow, file size and quality of your creative.

Mobile Showcase App

Preview your mobile ads on the actual mobile environments in which they’ll be seen by an end-user. Download the Mobile Showcase App on your testing device from the Google Play store. When you are in the preview console in DoubleClick Studio, you’ll be able to push your preview creative to your test device using that Showcase app, and view the creative on your smartphone or tablet, so you can see exactly how it will look to the end-user.

Mobile rich media that can run anywhere

MRAID 2.0 support

MRAID (Mobile Rich-Media Ad Interface Definitions) refers to a set of industry standards put in place to ensure that developers can build a single version of their mobile rich media units and be able to run that version across all networks and publishers, without having to tailor each ad for every network and publisher. DoubleClick Studio supports MRAID 2.0.

Integration with AdMob and other top networks

Build interstitial and other popular in-app formats and easily run them on Google’s in-app network, AdMob, as well as other top networks.

In-app networks and publishers certification

We’re partnering with the largest in-app networks and publishers to ensure that our DoubleClick rich media ads work appropriately on their websites. Our certification program helps publishers check their sites themselves to ensure they can accept our ads.

Show the right ad to the right person at the right time

Show the right ad to the right person at the right time

DoubleClick dynamic creative breaks an ad into it’s creative elements -- call-to-action, images, headlines, etc. -- and lets you create rules around which elements should show up to which groups of people, based on the audience information you know about each segment. For example, if your media plan targets women in both SF and NYC, you can show ads with imagery tailored to each woman’s respective location. By making the ads more relevant, you increase the likelihood that the viewer will interact.

*Not all dynamic creative features are available for all clients. Talk to your DoubleClick Sales Representative to learn what's available for your campaigns.

Content-management system provides flexible, swappable creative

One creative, one data feed, Thousands of creative variations

Dynamic creative allows you to break apart your creative into many elements, i.e. the headline, call-to-action, background image, product image, and even elements within those creative assets, such as a location or the time of day. The system can then automatically mix and match those elements to create hundreds of thousands of different variations of your creative.

Programmable asset swaps

Many campaigns will require creative assets (images, CTA’s, logos) to be swapped out for more up-to-date versions. Without dynamic creative, you would have to manually swap a new asset into a campaign and retraffic the entire campaign. Doubleclick dynamic creative lets you swap in the newer asset within the feed and the feed will automatically update all of the campaigns with the new asset, no retrafficking necessary. So what used to take hours now takes minutes. If you know that you’ll need to update creative assets, you can schedule those asset swaps ahead of time and they’ll occur at the time you set, so you can move on to the next piece of business.

Rules-based logic lets you infuse your creative with data signals

Rules-based serving logic

Once you’ve broken your creative into many different elements, you can organize that list of elements in a spreadsheet called a feed. Within that feed, you can set rules about which combinations of elements you want to be served to which people at which times. The system automatically creates these combinations and serves them in real-time, based on the person viewing the ad at the moment.

Floodlight tags enable the sharing of data signals across the platform

DoubleClick dynamic creative can pull in the data signals that your media agency is using to target the audiences for the media campaign, and use those same data signals to instruct the feed as to which creative to show. For example, if your media agency is using remarketing to target people who have already visited the client’s website, you can use that same information and program your feed to show the product that the person was looking at, when they last visited the website, a technique called dynamic remarketing.

Data liquidity

Pull in data from third parties, your own CRM tools and your DoubleClick Search campaigns and use it to buy your media as well as influence your dynamic creative.

Auto-optimization ensures the best performing ads always show up

Your campaign gets smarter over time

The algorithms behind DoubleClick dynamic creative are able to learn which creative combinations perform best for which audience types. Based on this info, the system will assemble and show the best-performing ad combination to each audience segment, so your campaign’s performance improves over time.

Choose what metrics to optimize your campaign against

You can optimize against click-through rate or website conversions (e.g. adding a product to a shopping cart or completing a purchase.) You can optimize against multiple actions at once, and you can assign different weights to the actions so the system knows the order of importance for each action. The system will then show the ads that perform best for your prioritized metric.

Weighted rotation lets you set the frequency for your ads

You can specify the frequency with which the elements of your creative show up to a given viewer. For example, you can ensure that a new product gets adequate exposure in the market, by giving it a higher frequency than the rest of your product line.

Engage with sight, sound and motion

Engage with sight, sound and motion

With DoubleClick Rich Media, you can create interactive and engaging in-stream, in-page, and in-app video ads and easily serve them through DoubleClick Campaign Manager. Get the rich media metrics that you already use on your standard rich media ads, plus video-specific metrics, all within DoubleClick Campaign Manager reporting. Creative agencies can build standard, interactive and dynamic in-stream units, manage them through Studio, and run them across screens. Alternatively, media agencies can upload in-stream video files directly into DoubleClick Campaign Manager, with or without companion banners and run them across screens.

*Rich Media Service levels vary by client. Talk to your DoubleClick Sales Representative to learn what's available for your campaigns.

Build in-page, in-stream, and in-app video ads all in one spot

Standard in-stream

Place your video ad content before, in the middle, or at the end of other online video content. In addition to the pre-roll video ad, you can include a companion banner that displays on the webpage while the pre-roll video is playing and remains on the page after the video has completed. Non-linear banners may also be included, which display over the pre-roll video as it's playing.

Interactive and dynamic in-stream

VPAID is a creative format that allows creative developers to add interactive elements on top of their in-stream video ads. When a user clicks on or interacts with the unit, the in-stream video ad pauses, and the ad can open up other elements, such as additional videos, photos, or information. Creative agencies can also make their video ads dynamic, by adding dynamically generated end cards to their videos to provide local information or other targeted messaging based on who is viewing the ad at the time.

DoubleClick video transcoder

When you upload a video file to DoubleClick Campaign Manager, it will automatically transcode your file into FLV, MP4, WebM, and 3GP formats, to ensure that your ad unit can run across desktop and mobile placements, with no extra work required by you. You can also host these files on DoubleClick Campaign Manager.

Innovative in-page video formats

DoubleClick provides innovative video formats to ensure your in-page video stands out. Lightbox formats with multiple videos let you pay only when someone engages with your ad unit. You can also livestream a video broadcast from an ad unit, and then record the livestream on Youtube, syndicating live content to millions of people across the web who may otherwise never see it.

HTML5 video player for in-page units

Add DoubleClick Studio’s HTML5 video player to your mobile rich media ads and ensure that your video assets will play correctly on all browsers and operating systems. With this video player, developers no longer have to tailor the video player in the ads to every browser and OS.

Run your video ads anywhere

Serve and track all your ads on YouTube, even Mastheads.

With YouTube’s rich array of video content, as well as the YouTube Masthead, you can run your video advertisements in front of a captive and engaged audience. DoubleClick is the only ad server, other than adwords, that gives you access to the TrueView family of video ad formats, which employ the cost-per-view payment model.

VPAID and VAST supported

DoubleClick Studio supports the VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) and VPAID (Video Player Ad Interface Definition) industry standards. This means that standard and interactive in-stream ad units can be uploaded to Studio and served through DoubleClick Campaign Manager across all networks and publishers who accept VPAID and VAST.

Services experts to help you manage your campaigns

Our team of expert campaign managers can help you ensure that your video campaigns are uploaded correctly and run smoothly. For Youtube Mastheads specifically, the rich media team will guide you through the process to make your masthead shine on the day of launch.

All the metrics on one tag

Rich Media Video metrics

In DoubleClick Campaign Manager, you’ll be able to track video-specific engagement metrics for your in-page and in-stream video ads, including how many people click on your interactive ad units, how many people watch your videos through to completion, and how many people are actively engaged with your video while it is playing. All of these metrics show up alongside the results from the rest of your DoubleClick ad campaigns, so you have all your data in one place and can easily compare the performance across campaigns.

Companion metrics

Get the rich media metrics on your companion banners in the same place that you get your in-stream metrics, so you can see how the videos and their companion banners performed in conjunction, all within the same window.

TrueView tracking

Measure Trueview specific metrics, such as “video true views” and “video skips,” in addition to all the standard rich media metrics within DoubleClick Campaign Manager.


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