March 2013

Google Earth Sightseer Earth


Expanding Street View in Europe

In continuing the expansion of our Street View imagery, we announced recently a major update to the Street View coverage for Google Earth and Google Maps for many areas of Europe. Some areas, such as London have received new imagery, and other places, including Bulgaria are brand new.

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Google Earth Scavenger Hunt

Do you like puzzles? Consider yourself somewhat of a geospatial Sherlock Holmes? Then we have just the thing for you! Each Friday, on the Google Earth Google+ page, we’re doing a scavenger hunt where people can guess the location of a mystery place. Come join in!

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Explore Everest and more with Street View

In Google Earth, the satellite imagery and 3D terrain can give you a pretty good perspective of what a place looks like. For some places though, such as Mount Everest, Street View in Google Maps is a big help. We’ve just launched new imagery, which of course we’re sharing with you all.

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News from Google Earth Outreach

This month, find out about an exciting trip undertaken by members of the Google Earth Outreach team to travel to the Arctic to begin capturing Street View imagery. Also, find out about a series of Google+ Hangouts that the team has been doing to highlight the many uses of Google Earth and Google Maps.

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Where in the World?

Somewhere in Google Earth is this interesting feature. Can you find it? Be sure to click the image to the left for a larger view of this location. When you think you've found it, post your answer here. Here are a few clues to lead you to the location:

  • This spot is located in a city that claims to have the only bridge in Europe that is as wide as it is long.
  • The country recently celebrated a festival (which has gone worldwide!) for which green and Guinness are the trademarks.
  • Inside this place you will find the country's best kept treasure: a work of art by Celtic monks.