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Google Earth continues to mesmerize young people with its ability to put the world's geographic information at their fingertips. Educators around the globe have created engaging classroom activities that go beyond geography to teach literature, history, math, environmental science, and more.

The Google Earth for Educators Community provides all of the tips and tricks for using Google Earth as a teaching tool. On this site, you can view lesson plans for a variety of grade levels and subjects, discuss Google Earth teaching tactics with fellow educators, see student-created work, and read how other teachers are using Google Earth in the classroom.

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Featured Lesson Plan

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In this lesson plan, students will look for placemarks around the globe and learn about geography features.

Scavenger Hunt: North America’s Physical Features

This lesson plan is for 2nd Grade and recommended for the Social Studies/Geography subject. Teachers can use this plan to demonstrate how to use a map to locate important physical features and countries of North America.

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