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Google Earth Pro | $399

Google Earth Pro includes the same easy-to-use features and imagery as the free version of Google Earth, but with additional professional tools designed specifically for business users.

  • Utilize data layers to locate your target demographic
  • Compute distances and areas using measurement tools
  • Use Movie Maker to produce media collateral
  • Print high-resolution images for presentations and reports
  • Import large vector image files to quickly map GIS data
  • Map addresses with the Spreadsheet Importer

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Google Earth Enterprise

Google Earth Enterprise is intended for organizations that have large quantities of geospatial data and allows users to synthesize terabytes of imagery, terrain and vector data to make a quick mapping application for intended users.

  • Create custom layers for Google Maps or Google Earth with private data
  • Compose a map from custom imagery and road tiles based on your data
  • Limit access to various points of interest layers and keep your sensitive data secure

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