Advanced Tutorials

Recording a Tour

With Google Earth, you can record customized tours of locations around the world. In this video you will learn how to record a tour, save tours, share your tours, customize tours, use paths and more.

Using Tours | Touring and saving directions

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Importing KML, KMZ and GPS Data

With Google Earth, you can import a variety of geographic data and integrate it into a 3D map. Watch this advanced video to learn how to download KMLs and KMZs from the Earth Gallery, view vector and raster data, import GPX tracks, create tracks and more.

Learn about KML | Using KML data | Using a GPS device | Elevation Profile

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Geotagging Photos

With Google Earth and Picasa, you can geotag a photo with any location on the planet. In this video you will learn how to add a location to your photo in Picasa, display the geo-location in your Picasa web album, download a KML file with your files, and add photos to the Panoramio layer.

Geotagging photos in Picasa on a PC | Viewing geotagged photos in Google Earth

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